First Mission p.1- Cole

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"Finally!!" You said super excited that Cole had finally decided to let you go on a mission.

"Okay, but! You have to stay close and no running off." He said sternly.

"Those are basically the same thing." You laughed.

"Yeah, but im serious. Just be careful."

"I will." You replied.

Everyone got ready for what seemed like a simple mission. But what no one knew is a villain got wind that Cole had an elemental sister.

"She is strong, with her element I will finally have the power I need."

"Alight guys it's a simple alarm, we just need to check it out." Zane said.

Like you promised you stayed close to Cole, or else he would have a fit.

Clouse made serpentine appear at one end of the building.

Cole yelled to you when he saw them, "Y/N! Run!"

You turned and ran in the other direction only to be pulled into a room.

You struggled till a cloth was held over your mouth and darkness over took you.

Zane's fist went right through one, and he realized what was going on. "Cole! It's Chen and Clouse!"

Cole turned franticly in the direction you ran.


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