Episode 3: Bets

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"So Y/n likes our little Jungkookie?" Jimin hyung asked.

"That's what I seen and heard," Tae hyung responds.

"Oh this might be my chance!" Jimin hyung says excitedly.

"Ahh, I think you should try to get someone cuter," Namjoon complained again.

"But she's so easy" I whined.

"Mm fine, but don't come to complaining that's she's to ugly" Namjoon said.

"I won't Hyung," I said smiling.

"Whatever you say Jungkook," Namjoon said while rolling his eyes.

Y/ns POV
I was talking with Momo then h..he came. Jeon Jungkook, the cutest guy in the school. The over all playboy. Sunni's ex. My crush......

"Hello Min Y/n!" he said with a smile. Genuine or not it was adorable. I felt my cheeks heat up.

"H..h..hi Jeon Jungkook" I said with a stutter.

"Aww, why so shy Y/n? Am I that cute?" he said with a wink.

"Hey! Back off and leave her alone, will ya! She doesn't need this, so leave. her. alone!" Momo confronted Jungkook with a strict tone.

"Woah, Momo I'm terribly sorry if I said something to upset you, but..... I also wasn't talking to you" he said slyly.

"h..h...hey d..don't talk to her t...that w..way!" I said upset.

"Oh I'm sorry Y/nie I didn't mean to upset you pleeeeeease forgive me," Jungkook said with a pout.

"Ok thanks for wasting our time, I think you should go now. Baiii!" Momo said sarcastically.

"Ummm it's fine I guess. Umm and bye J...Jeon J...J..Jungkook" I told Jungkook.With that he left.

OH MY GODSH DID I JUST TALK TO HIM? Jeon Jungkook started to talk to me??!

Jungkooks POV
I went over to my Hyungs after I was scolded by Momo. Once back Tae hyung asked me, "how'd it go?"

"I think she's it" I told him happily.

"yeah? so I was right about her?" He asked excitedly.

"yup I think you were!" I told him.

"yes FINALY" he yelled while jumping up and down.

"so that means bet time~" I said in a sing-song voice.

Yoongi hyung jumped up and asked, "Did I hear bet time??"

Jimin popped up and asked another question, "yea did he? Cuz I heard the same."

"Yes you both heard right," I told them.

"so you think you got her" Namjoon hyung asked me.

"yup she's a "keeper"" I quoted.

"oh I say a month then" Hosoek hyung said.

"I give her 3 and a half weeks" Yoongi hyung said.

"Two!" Jimin hyung said.

Namjoon questioned, "two? a month and a half"

Tae replied with, "I also give a 2"

"ahh I'll win, I say 2 and a half" Jimin said changing his answer.

"nope I say, 2 months" Jin said joining in on the conversation.

"Nahh I bet I can get her in 1 week" I told them confidentially.

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