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I stood there admiring him from afar as he stood there shirtless picking out a shirt. It didn't matter what he put on he was still gonna be beautiful. He had the perfect thick brown hair that I just wanted to spend hours running my fingers through. His big Hazel eyes that stared into my soul making my knees weak. His tone body that was sculptured by the gods.

"Addyson did you hear me"

His deep voice brought me out of my day dream and I snapped back into reality.

"Y-yes Mr. Dolan" I tried so hard to be brave in front of him, but he was so intimidating and he slightly scared me.

"I said did you wash my blue button up shirt, and I don't pay you to sit on your ass, I pay you to clean and take care of things, now go" he shouted making me jump a little and I just ducked my head down as I made my way down the long stair case to get his shirt.

I took it off the hanger and ironed it because Mr. Dolan does not like his stuff wrinkly and I could get in so much trouble if he found just one.

I made my way back to his room in a hurry because he is a very impatient man and does not like to wait.

"Here Mr. Dolan"

I reached out handing him the nice clean shirt and he snatched it from my hands.

"Next time it better be in here, I shouldn't have to tell you to do your job got it? "

His words were like knives. So sharp and powerful. He is the most cold hearted person I know, but yet so beautiful.

"Y-yes shir" I dunked my head down once again as I started to make my way out of his room. I winced as i felt a strong grip on my wrist. I looked up seeing his Hazel eyes piercing into me like they always do.

"I'm throwing a party tonight, I want the house spotless when I get back, here go buy you something nice and when you get done cleaning you can stay for the party" he says throwing his credit card at me.

He took one last look in the mirror and fixed his tie and walked out. I looked down at the card wondering if I should use it or not. He tends to forget things and it gives him a reason to be an asshole to everyone.

I walked out of his dark spotless room and made my way downstairs. I fixed him his usual cup of coffee and walked to the door to wait and hand it to him.

I heard his familar footsteps coming my way and I held his coffee up to him. He took it and sipped to make sure it was the right way he likes it.
His eyes met mine and his face was emotion less like always.

"I'll be home around 4, don't embarrass me" he spit as he walked out getting in his range rover and driving away.

He was wealthy, he was beautiful, he was Grayson Dolan, he was the devil.

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