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dacre said walking in their room

isabella asked

"can we talk"
he asked

isabella said sitting up

"so we're having a baby"
dacre said

"don't you dare freak out on me montgomery"
isabella glared

"no i'm not"
dacre laughed

"then what did you want to talk about"
isabella asked

"i think we should get our own place it's just we need our privacy and i know joe will never let me see my baby"
dacre finished with a laugh

"i know you're right"
isabella nodded

"wait say that again"
dacre smirked

she laughed

he yelled with a laugh

"calm down. you're talking to joe"
isabella smiled

"why me"
dacre asked

"because you put a human inside me it's the least you could do"
isabella glared

"okay okay"
dacre laughed getting up and walking to joe's room

joe asked with a yell as he walked into the room

"it was dacre's idea"
isabella replied

"you agreed"
dacre glared

"can we still hang out all the time"
Joe asked

"of course"
isabella smiled

"I don't believe you"
Joe glared

"finn doesn't live here but he's here all the time"
isabella said

"okay I guess I'll be okay"
Joe smiled

"you'll be fine"
isabella laughed

Joe yelled wrapping his arms around her

isabella yelled with a smile

"we have another problem"
dacre said

isabella asked

"who gets hopper"
dacre asked petting the dog that was at his feet

"well you guys can have him on weekends"
joe smiled

"okay then"
Isabella laughed

"hey you're leaving me"
joe glared

"no it's fine you can keep him we probably won't have to much spare time just bring him over when you come over"
isabella smiled

"bells are you sure I know how much he means to you"
joe said

"but you mean more and I don't want you to be lonely"
isabella cried

"are you crying"
joe asked

"pregnancy hormones joseph"
isabella replied

joe laughed pulled the girl in for a side hug

"how many bedrooms bitch"
isabella asked

"i don't know"
dacre replied

"that helps"
isabella laughed

"you don't need to worry about it right now okay"
dacre smiled

isabella hummed with a glare

"love me"
dacre said resting his chin on her shoulder

isabella laughed

"as so sweet"
dacre said sarcastically kissing her cheek

"I know right"
isabella laughed closing her laptop

"i'm bored"
dacre whined

"can't help ya there"
isabella laughed

"the disrespect"
dacre glared

"yeah yeah now help me im to pregnant to get up"
isabella said

dacre laughed walking to the other side of the couch grabbing her hands and helping her up

"thanks pal"
isabella smiled patting his shoulder

dacre laughed

"day she's kicking"
isabella informed

dacre yelled running from their bathroom and flopping on the bed

"you're so dramatic"
isabella laughed

dacre mocked her resting his head on the bed next to her belly smiling as he put his hand where the baby was kicking

"yanno i don't like when i can basically see her foot sticking out"
isabella said

"it's weird but just so cute and tiny"
dacre smiled

isabella laughed shaking her head as she ran her fingers threw his hair

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