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I have nothing against muted people, this is a little offensive at the beginning. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude to people who can't talk.
I feel so bad and mean.
It's been about two months since you and a bunch of other students have been stuck in the killing game. You were walking in the dining room until.

"Good morning (Y/n)," Tenno greeted you as you waved back, and took out you paper and pen.

Since you've been here, you became best friends with Tenko, you can trust her with anything.

'Hi Tenko, how are you this morning'

"I'm good today, it looks like we are the first ones here today," she said as you nodded.

'Yep, again. Do we just wake up to early XD'

"Probably," she giggled.

As you were about to write something down, Shuichi walked in.

"Hi (Y/n)."

'Hi Shuichi, how are you this morning?'

Shuichi is also you best friend, probably the closes friend here.

"I'm good, how about you?"

'I'm also doing good this morning'

As you all chatted, Ouma barged in. You both dislike each other since he always makes fun of you, since you can't talk.

"Hey guys whats going on, oh wait, one of you can't tell me~," he said walking up to the three of you as you looked annoyed.

"I'm sorry but your gonna need to speak up~," he mocked.

"Be quiet you degenerate male," Tenko told Ouma.

"Ouma that isn't nice," Shuichi said.

"Well if (Y/n) doesn't like it, she could have just told me~," he replied which made you tear up and ran out of the dinning hall into your dorm room.

You sat on your bed and wiped the tears out of your eyes as tears were pouring out until you heard a knock from your door.

"Hey (Y/n), it's Shuichi, can you let me in," he called from the other side of the door.


You got up and let Shuichi in and you both sat on your bed.

"Hey (Y/n), don't let him into your head, he's just being Kokichi," Shuichi said as you rested your head on his shoulder and grabbed your note pad and paper out.

'I don't understand why he keeps doing that,' you wrote as more tears came pouring out of your eyes.

"Hey, it's ok," Shuichi said as he wiped your tears.

'Thank you for being here with me' you wrote before you gave him a hug as he hugged back.

"Please don't cry anymore, I don't like it when you cry," Shuichi said as he kissed your forehead.
After math~

Tenko: why are you always mean to (Yn)

Ouma: I was lying~ I knew this would happen cause I knew that (Y/n) and Shuichi like each other~

Tenko: Is that a lie.

Ouma: Nope~ or am I~

Tenko: you degenerate male!


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