I'm a fairy princess........part 8

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Walking away from my brother, I looked up at the six story palace that stood right in front of me. I hated the memories that this place brought back, I hated my life here. Everytime I walked away from this place, I was always brought back. I looked up at the palace, it still had its fairytale stone walls, and its perfectly polished black tile floors. I walked through the palace, scared of what I would find, and disappointed in what I didn't find. I looked around to see, servants rushing, because of my arrival and it wasn't long before I was taken to my room.

I looked around my room, nothing had changed. When I looked to my right, I still saw the big white marble fire-place, and when I looked to my left I still saw my big walk-in closet. When I looked to the center of the room, I still saw my king sized bed, and my golden retriever lying on it. I smiled and called for my puppy,"Fris, come here Fris, mommys home!"

Fris launched himself at me, throwing me off balance and we both fell to the ground, Fris licking my face. The only regret I have about leaving this place, is not bringing him with me. I laughed as I struggled to regain control over the puppy. "Fris down boy," I told him, atleast trying to sound stern. Fris licked my face one more time before hoping off me and ran back to my bed. I stood up and made my way towards my closet. I knew for a fact that I had to be 'properly dressed' to meet the king, my father.

I walked into the closet and looked through all the dresses before I found the one I was looking for, it was a long dress that went to the floor, it was a dark purple nearly black, it had a v-neck, and a corset in the back and the was laced up with black ribbon, but my favorite part was how it made my violet eyes shine. Quickly I showered, changed and curled my hair, and put on mascara. I looked in the mirror, successfully making sure, that I looked 'presentable'.

I walked out of my bedroom and into the empty hall only to be stopped by my younger sister, Crystal.

"Oh Saphira you have finally decided to grant us with your presence have you?", she sneered at me. Lets just say, my sister and I were never on good terms.

"No it wasn't for me to decided", I snapped. For a second, my sister looked taken aback, maybe even surprised.

"Well thank you so much for the, love, sister", she replied sarcastically.

"I only give out what I take in, little sister", I replied using the same tone of voice. Crystal 'hmph'd' but finally walked away, but when I saw who she was walking to, my temper began to rise again. Standing at the end of the hallway waiting for Crystal was, Prince Alan. Catching my eye, he smirked at me, while I glared back.

I turned on my heel to walk away, when I heard someone call out to me,"If your going to the meeting with the King I would advise that you not go through the servants quarters." I turned around to see that it had been non-other than my own twin brother that had called out to me.

"Than what way do you suggest I go, brother?", I asked, my voice as cold as ice. From the corner of my eye, I could see Crystal smirking, and Alan flinch at the hostility I showed to my brother, bu tmy brother seemed unfazed.

"I suggest that you either follow us or you take my arm," he replied holding out his arm. I stood there and stared at the arm he was holding out to me. Something in my mind whispered,'Just like old times' "no", I whispered. I shook my head,"I'll just follow", I replied.

The began walking and we soon found ourselves in front of big wooden doors. Cowen rasied his hand to knock, but before he could the door was opened to reveal a red carpet, that lead up to two thrones and in those two thrones, sat Queen Venus and King Jupiter, my mother and father. But its funny right? Both of them named after planets, well actually those planets were named after them.

"Come forward", my father commanded. Quickly we walked forward, so that we were standing right in front of them. Keeping ours eyes on the ground we all bowed, staying in position and waiting for father to tell us to stand.

"Saphira, stand", my father commanded.

"Yes father?", I asked.

"You have returned", he responded saying it more as as a statement than a question.

"Yes father", I replied. He stared off into space for a minute, his expression thoughtful.

"You are to stay in the palace until further notice, now you are all dismissed", said making a shooing gesture with his hand.

My temper flared, How dare he tell me where and where I may not go! I felt the wind start to whip around me and the water in the nearby lake's water began to form waves, as the fire in the fire-place flared to life, and I felt the earth shake when I spoke.

"Excuse me?!", I exclaimed as everyone gasped.

"SAPHIRA calm yourself and stop your little tantrum!", my father yelled, causing the ground to shake. Everyone turned to stare at me with wide-eyes as I turned to glare at my father.

"I will not CALM DOWN! AND I WILL LEAVE THIS H*LL HOLE WHEN I WANT!", I yelled as my hands came to life with flames. After I said that, my father lost all sense of control. In seconds I could feel the heat of the flames that he was throwing at me. Immediatly I responded by blocking all of his shots and sending them back at him. It didn't take long for my idiot of a brother to reach me and drag me out of the room. Seconds later Alan and Crystal came running out of the room.

"WHAT THE H*LL WAS THAT?!",Alan asked, ok well no he screamed.

"THAT WAS THE REASON WHY I LEFT TO GO TO SCHOOL!", I yelled back. My brother and sister stared at me, their eyes wide.

"You said you just needed time to get over what happened", my brother whispered.

"I...I..", I stuttered.

"Why didn't YOU TELL ME!", my brother shouted. I flinched, I have never seen my brother this mad.

"I couldn't tell anyone, I just left", I whispered.

"What is going on?", Alan asked.

My brother and I stared at each other,"He knows too much!", I whispered.

"No, no one knows enough", he whispered.

"Wha-" I was cut off by the sound of voices on the other side of the door, quietly I put my ear to the door and listened.

"I told you we should kill her and let Crystal rule!", mother exclaimed.

"Fine but Saphira won't be easy to kill", my father replied.


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