Chapter 6

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It was now Tuesday and I was sitting in the conference room with the board of directors. It was only Pierce's second day that we had to have an emergency meeting. I was taking down notes as Pierce was explaining to the board how he was still new with the operations but he promised that he would be able to cope in no time. He asked them for help and their cooperation in the decision making process for Alexander Corporation's ongoing and incoming projects.

I kept tapping my pen since I dozed off when they talked about the current situation and what needed to be worked on. I then remembered that Wilson never held meetings like these. There was a bit of laughter and a full blown discussion while this meeting was lifeless and it could put anyone to sleep.

"Olive." He suddenly called out my attention.

I was still an olive, great. I looked up and stared into his eyes. I didn't bother answering him because I had no idea what he was just talking about a few minutes ago.

"Did you get all that?" He asked.

I just nodded even if I didn't.

"Good, I want a summary report on that by tomorrow morning." He demanded.

I resisted rolling out my eyes to him instead I just meekly answered, "Okay."

Pierce and I didn't get much interaction for the rest of the week. I just handed some files for him to look at and served him his coffee which was brewed with a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar as per his request. He was pretty much out of the office doing god knows what. I actually didn't mind since I didn't like his arrogant aura around the workplace.

When I came home from work, I was happy to see Hugh home early. He was whipping up dinner for the both of us and it smelled really nice. I was getting hungry.

I plopped down on the couch and sighed heavily.

"I can feel your negative energy from here darling!" Hugh yelled out from the kitchen.

I chuckled weakly, he knew me too well. I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I sat myself on a bar stool and leaned my head onto my hand.

"Hugh, Alexander Corporation has turned into a hellhole." I muttered as I began to talk about my day.

"Why? Is your new boss that bad?" He turned his head to look at me and asked curiously.

"Yes." I quickly answered.

"Tell me what he's like. Is he old?" Hugh was now curious. I haven't had the time to tell him about Pierce since he kept working late since last week.

"No but he's a zombie with an attitude." I told him a short description that fitted him well.

"A – what now?" Hugh's face contorted into confusion.

I rolled my eyes, "Wilson decided that it was wise to let his only son run the company which by the way a complete opposite of his father. He had been walking around the office like a dead person uttering only a few words. I can't believe he calls me Olive." I shook my head then groaned as I hid my face with my hands.

Hugh started laughing at my misery. I almost added that despite his aggravating attitude his face was nice to look at. However, I knew Hugh would just pay attention at how good looking he was. I gave him a glare so he would stop making fun of me. He eventually got the hint and stopped.

"Vee," He was still stifling a laugh but quickly changed into a concerned tone. "If he's good looking then it doesn't matter! You should show him whose boss. Wear a tight skirt, open up a button and get his attention!"

Ignore what I said. My best friend was crazy. He now had a mischievous smirk on. This was the reason why I couldn't tell him about a guy. He would force you to get on with him every chance he got. I never had a boyfriend by the way. I knew that he was only trying to help but you just couldn't force me to like somebody. I was also too caught up working for Wilson which didn't give me much time to mingle. I didn't even have that much of a life. Yet, Hugh would try to get me out of the apartment just so we could meet a few guys in a club. In my honest opinion, when you meet a guy from a club it wasn't in his best intention to want a relationship. It was either a casual fling or a one night stand.

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