3. The Unwanted Guest

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Trisha was daydreaming about winning an award for the best artist when there was knock on the door.

"Honey, time for dinner." Her mom said in a gentler tone that she used normally.

"What is it?" She asked pretty sure something was wrong.

"Nothing, dear come down and we will talk."

Now she was scared as her mother said 'talk'. It has been a week since Killian came and he had done nothing but tried to make small talks. But what if someone noticed, what if they called her parents, what if she was expelled?

Closing down the drawing book she hurried down the stairs but found no dinner on the table.


"In the kitchen honey."

And then she saw the huge feast that was being made and she realized they were having guests soon.

"Trisha, it's on short notice but your brother is bringing home his boss and his family for the weekend." She said and naturally looking at her panicked state Trisha started helping.

"Whole weekend?" Trisha was a no people's person.

She hated guests, small talks, sitting in a conversation with strangers.

And now she knew why her mother was all sweet and kind to her while she called for dinner with a 'honey'.

"Please wear something proper." And by that, her mother meant more girly.

With a sour mood, she trod reluctantly to her room and pulled out a peach-colored dress. With a sigh, she changed from her comfy sweats to the dress that clung to her body and made her uneasy. She followed the necessary procedure of applying minimal makeup so that her mother didn't get all angry again. 

Her grey eyes didn't go with her brown hair at all but that was something she can't change so she just stared her reflection for a while which looked decent enough for her mother not to glare while the guest arrived. She tied her hair in a neat ponytail and smiled at herself in the mirror making sure that she was all set for smiling all night if she has to sit through the boring dinner.

And for some reason, as she saw her dimples her thoughts wandered back to how Killian complimented her on that. She lifted her finger and gently poked her dimple with a little proud feeling.

A knock on the door pulled her out of the stupid thought process and she answered, "Come in." knowing it must be her mother to nag her about getting ready quicker.

"Well you look like a girl for once" She smiled in relief when she saw her brother standing her with a gift in his hand.

"What is that for?" She asked excited to know what was inside.

"Bribe to behave in front of my boss and family. He thinks I am an excellent student."

Trisha frowned as he happily described how he was the best researcher in the group and how they were working on the betterment of the society and for some reason, she found all that disgusting but didn't show that on her face.

The chatter down the hall alerted her of the already present guests in the house.

"Let's go."

"You seem nervous," Trisha asked her brother since she has never seen him this nervous.

"Ah, you will see why." He said with a small smile leaving her burning with curiosity.


She bit her tongue to refrain from cursing as she saw the guests in her house. The boss and his wife aside, there was a daughter and a son. The son was none other than Killian Foley.

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