I climb out of the shower and dry my hair. The hair is the most important part of my whole outfit. Prom, every 18 year old girl’s dream. I pin my hair into an elegant up-do, blonde curls frame my face from where they have come loose. I apply some light make-up and then I slip on my dress. The beautiful cream silk hugs my curves perfectly and adds to the boldness of the dark brown of my eyes. I hear the horn of my limo sound and make my way gracefully down the stairs towards a teary eyed Mother and a proud Father. I embrace them as the wish me luck. Little did I know that, this moment would be the last time I would ever see them.

“Whoooh Bonnie! You look amazing babe” Chloe said as I climbed into the car. I can tell from the way she is acting that my best friend has already had a few drinks so I grab a bottle of Vodka and take a swig eager to catch up.

“Hey, I know lets go to Vegas it’s only half an hour drive from here. It’ll be fun!” Daniel my other friend said while looking the rest of the group for confirmation. I didn’t know half the people in the limo, Chloe and Daniel are my only friends but they have other friends so I try and get along with everyone.

After a bottle of vodka and half an hour later we arrive in Vegas. I climb out if the car and wobble into the nearest bar not caring about losing the rest of my group. I climb onto the bar stool that seems to be at least 2 metres high but in reality it’s probably really small. I go to topple of the stool backwards when a man catches me. I turn around to look into his clear blue eyes; I find myself studying him. He has jet black hair and a beautiful pale complexion and is dressed all in black.

“I’d be careful if I was you, wouldn’t want something as precious as you falling into the wrong hands” I giggled and sat up; he sat in the stool next to me.

“So sweetheart what’s your name?” The stranger asked me.

“I’m Bonnie, Bonnie Wright. It’s a pleasure to meet you...” I trail off at the end waiting for his name.

“Salvatore, Damon Salvatore” He replied with a smirk.

“Well Mr Salvatore it’s a pleasure to meet you” I shake his hand and then turn to order a pint of shots, I was already pretty drunk and i’m sure Damon was too as you could clearly smell the alcohol on his breath.

Damon and I have been drinking for over an hour and are both completely wasted. We move to a different bar where we buy more drinks. I then start blacking out from drinking too much alcohol. I remember walking up a path to see Damon laughing at the front of me. I then remember being carried through the door of a hotel room. The next thing I see is Damon hovering above me apologising then the next thing I know he holds my head in his hands and then there is darkness.

I wake up the next morning to see Damon standing next to me with a cup filled with what I presume is wine, it smells delicious and before I knew it I had the cup in my hands and was downing it. It wasn’t wine but whatever it was didn’t matter as it is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life.

“Where are we Damon?” I ask feeling really awake and healthy, which surprised me as I expected to have a massive hang over this morning.

“Darling we are in Mystic Falls’ finest hotel. I give only the best for my wife” He told me with a smirk before turning around and walking towards the bathroom to shower. I look down to my left hand and see two beautiful rings on my finger: one a beautiful gold band with intricate patterns engraved on it, i’m sure Damon had one similar to it when he handed me the cup, and another ring, a massive diamond ring that must have cost a fortune. I have an engagement and wedding ring on my finger. I had gone from being single to being engaged to married in one night. I pick up a pillow and throw it with all my might at the bathroom door while screaming. Much to my amazement the pillow went flying through the door and into the mirror in the bathroom causing it to smash. Damon’s head appeared in the hole I created in the door.

“Oh and darling, welcome to the life of the living dead”

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