Chapter 10: Success

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Jennie's Pov

After Nareun's case got closed, we were sent back to our own agencies. Yg-sajangnim was very happy and it lead to the point where he treated us all to a company dinner.

"Congratulations to Jennie! Let's enjoy this night everyone!!!" Yg-sajangnim said and we raised our glasses.

Honestly, we're not allowed to drink since we are still rookies but he gave his permission so I'll let loose tonight!

The other members of BlackPink was busy eating things they never got to taste for a while since they are strict when it comes to food.

"Eonnie!! They brought ice cream!" Lisa said and dragged me. I grabbed a gallon of milk flavored ice cream without hesitating and began eating as if it's my last day.

"Yah! Share that with us too!" Rosè whined but I just looked at her, teasingly.

"Shiroh! Milk Ice creams are for me only!!!!" I said as I finished the last scoop.

"Wah, unbelievable. Anyways, the strawberry ice cream is mine!!" Jisoo said and ran away after snatching the tub of strawberry ice cream. Lisa and Rosè ran after her too, leaving me alone.

Aigoo, these girls! They better return soon or I'll finish the food left here all by myself. Wahahahahahaha!!!

(Few days later)

We are filming for our comeback song that is our gift for the fans in wait for Square 3. Oh! And I dyed my hair brown with blonde highlights. Lisa dyed her hair reddish orange, Jisoo dyed her hair dark purple and Rosè dyed her hair into a dark brown, almost black.

After filming my part, I decided to call my boyfriend. We've been busy lately,  due to us being kpop idols.

(Jennie is normal and Chanyeol is slant)

Me: Hello?

Chanyeol: Ah! Good to see you still remember you have a boyfriend?

Me: Actually I forgot, good thing Jisoo Eonnie reminded me you still exist!

Chanyeol: Yah! That's mean!!

Me: But you still love me, anyways I called because I want to check if you're still alive and because I missed you.

Chanyeol: Nado Pogeosipeoso. Saranghae Jennie-yah. Ah, I'll need to go already.

Me: Nado Saranghae Oppa.

I then ended the call. I was called shortly since I had to change again.

(Comeback Stage at MBC)

I was nervous again because after several months, we have comeback but I was also excited to perform since Chanyeol said that he is going to watch me on TV.

"majimakchoreom, ma-ma-majimakchoreom
majimak bamin geotcheoreom Love
majimakchoreom ma-ma-majimakcheoreom
naeil ttawin eobtneun geotcheoreom Love" After Lisa sang the last part, everyone cheered.

We all bowed and thanked them all before exiting. We were guided backstage to rest and my boyfriend immediately called me.

Chanyeol: You are so sexy on stage Jagiya!!!

Me: Jinjja? Komawo Oppa. Uhm, where are you?

Chanyeol: Go outside.

Me: Wae?

Chanyeol: Just go

I immediately went to go outside of our waiting room and I looked around.

Me:Where are you Oppa?

Chanyeol:Right behind you...

I dropped the call and faced my boyfriend. Before he could speak, I enveloped him into a hug.

"I missed you so much Chanyeol!!" I said as I breathed in hos cologne. Seriously, what does he use? He smells so good~...

"Jennie-yah, stop sniffing me. That's creepy!" Chanyeol said but I ignored him and snuggled into his arms more.


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