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Hey peeps so I'm gonna change the style of writing just so u know
* opens window*
Hello princess says chat noir
He chat Marinette replies
I heard you were going to prom with a guy he's really lucky chat says
Yeah well I got school tomorrow so bye Mari says
Bye he says as he hops away
Le next day
In class
Hey girls Nino says
Hey Nino Marinette and Alya says
Find the tux Alya questions
Yep and just in time too I got the last one Nino says with a smile
Looks like luck is on your side Marinette says
Adrien arrives
Hey Mari,Alya,sup Nino
Hey Nino Mari and Alya says
Mari,Alya,Nino and Adrien were having a conversation when Chloe pops up out of nowhere
Adrikins I'm wearing yellow so wear something yellow also Chloe says
Uh I'm going with Mari,Chloe adrien says
I'm not a brat like you Chloe Marinette says defensively
Ugh Chloe says and stomps away
After school
Adrien was walking with Marinette
Wait I left my jacket could you wait here while I go get it Adrien says
Sure Mari says as Adrien walks away
Look at her she's so ugly Chloe says to Sabrina snottily
Yea I know right Sabrina replies
(Just ignore her) Marinette says to herself
How could Adrien ever love her Chloe says
(Don't.say.anything.marinette) Marinette says trying no to say anything
You are the stupidest person in the world Chloe says to Marinette
Meanwhile while all of this is happening Alya was videotaping the whole thing
You know what Marinette shouted she then lifted her hand to slap Chloe
I....I....I....I Marinette stuttered
You see that Adrikins Marinette always tries to hit me Chloe faked sobbed
You know what forget about going to prom with me Adrien said angrily
What Marinette whispers shocked she then runs away crying
How could you agreste Alya fumed
What she was about to slap Chloe he said
Because Chloe was being mean to her and frankly I think she deserves it ,if you don't believe me watch this * shows video to Adrien *
What have I done Adrien says shocked
Yea your toast Alya says as she ran to help Marinette
With Marinette in her room
I HATE YOU ADRIEN AGRESTE Marinette screamed
Don't cry Marinette she heard a high pitched voice say
No Tikki he took Chloe's side over mine , Chloe the girl who always bullies me and lies it's just not fair
Meanwhile in her rant to Tikki an akuma flew into her bracelet
Payback I'm Hawkmoth,I will let this Adrien see what he has done to you but only in return  for ladybug cat noir's miraculouses
Yes Hawkmoth Marinette said as blackish purpleish goop covered her body ( I have no idea how to explain it)
M-Marinette chat noir stuttered
The names payback catboy Payback said
It's chat noir
I don't care for your name just give me  Adrien Agreste you know the famous model boy and I won't kill you Payback said
Never chat noir said
Oh well this chit chat is boring let's fight so I can go for what I need Payback said as she grinned evilly
I won't hurt you Mari chat noir says
But I will payback grinned as she hurt chat noir
Marinette magically changes back
Oh my gosh I'm a horrible person Marinette says as tears start pouring out of her eyes
No you're not chat noir says
But I hurt you Marinette says as she starts to cry
Go and leave me here chat noir says
B-but you're hurt you need to go to a hospital Marinette says
It's just a bruise it's nothing much to be freaking out for chat noir says as he chuckles to lighten the mood
Now go I'll be fine he says to Marinette
Marinette then runs home
Tikki,Tikki Marinette calls for her ladybug like friend
Marinette a high pitched voice says from her room
Marinette runs to her room,Tikki immediately flies to her and hug her cheek
Oh my gosh I've been so worried about you Tikki says worriedly
Tikki I'm a horrible person Marinette sobs
Why do you say that Tikki asks curious to know the answer
Because I hurt chat noir she said as she cried even more
But it wasn't your fau- Tikki started to say but a tap at Marinette's window interrupted her
Marinette opened the window
Hey princess chat noir said
I thought you hated me Marinette said as she sniffed
Why would you say that he said
Because I hurt you she said as she calmed down
I told you it was just a bruise and just because you 'hurt' me doesn't mean I hate you he said reassuringly
Really Marinette said as she smiled a little glad that he didn't hate her
Yep he said
Thanks she said
So about this Adrien guy what did he do to make you so angry he said as if he didn't know the story
Well you know Chloe bourgeois she was being mean and picking in me and I got fed up and I was about to slap her and he caught me and he went on her side and now he doesn't want to go to prom with me anymore.Do you think I should forgive him though? Marinette said
Of course everyone deserves second chances he said
Yea you're right chat
Well I gotta go purrincess bye he said
Bye she said as she waved
Oh Tikki I guess I'll have to stay home on prom Mari said to Tikki
Why Mari Tikki questioned
Because I don't have a date to prom I guess you'll have to cancel with Plagg I'm sorry Marinette said sadly
It's ok Mari I understand Tikki said
Meanwhile chat noir was listening to everything and I mean EVERYTHING
Marinette is ladybug so I've been flirting with Marinette chat noir questioned himself as he ran/flied/leaped home ( whichever one you feel comfortable with)
With Adrien in his room
So you were going to prom with Marinette's Kwami and you didn't tell me Adrien said a teensy weeny bit pissed
What she said I shouldn't have to,d you until prom day Plagg said
Wait how does she know that I go to her school Adrien says a bit shocked
Uh...Tikki kinda told her but don't worry she doesn't know your identity Plagg said
Oh ok but I still have to make things right Adrien says to himself
The next day
Hey Alya Marinette says
Hey Mari Alya says back
How are you from yesterday she questioned
I'm fine Marinette started
But I won't be at prom with you she said
What why Alya said/questioned
I don't have a date remember Marinette said reminding her friend
Hey Marinette Adrien said nervously
Hi Adrien Marinette said in a sad voice unable to look him in his eyes
I'm sorry I didn't know that Chloe picked on you first would you forgive me Adrien said
Yeah I will Marinette said
Would you go to prom with me again please he asked afraid of the answer
What will she say?
You already know tho but it's fun to do this

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