Ace and everyone flew back to the sanctuary where Robin and Nami were waiting for them.

Robin opened the door to the living room and walked in with everyone behind her. Robin had already pulled out chairs for Nami and herself so the boys sat on the couch in front of them.

The tension in the room was thick enough to cut, everyone was silent with. Deep frowns on their faces just even thinking about this situation.

" Do we really have to do this to ___...Robin, Nami?" Sabo looks at them with this look in his eyes and they all could tell he was heartbroken.

" Like Zoro said it's the only way to guarantee her safety." Sighs Nami.

Robin nods and looks at the boys with a smile that she forced " So who's the lucky guy that gets to have a baby with ___?"

" I'll do it !!" Luffy yells, waving his hand in the air. " I'll be a great daddy for ___!!- Ow!! What the hell Nami?!"

A red bump forms on the top of Luffy's head where Nami had punched him.

" How can you take care of a baby!! You can't even take care of your self!!"

Nami growls at Luffy her teeth turning into fangs slightly. She sighed and plopped back down in her chair and Robin rubs her back gently.

" Hm, Me personally I think Sabo would be a great father. Don't you Nami?" Robin smiles over at a flushed Sabo.

" Eh?! " he waves his hands up defensively.

" Ha!! Sabo would be a good dad huh Luffy?" Ace says slapping his brother on the back. Luffy crossed his arms slumped over in his chair with a pout.

" I guess~," he says with puckered lips.

" Does he even know how to make a baby?" Zoro chuckles.

" Aah~ its time we had the talk Sabo" Ace draped his shoulder over his shoulder and leans in and whispers.

" You see when a man and woman love each other very much they have these urges-"

Sabo sent a ball of flames right into the middle of Ace's face knocking him back and flipping him over the couch.

" I know how to make a baby idiot!! If its so easy then why don't you do it yourself?! ACE!!!" He says his face as red as a tomato.

Ace gets up and staggers, wiping off the blood that ran down the corner of his mouth.

He lifts his arm up and red and black scales appear, his hand turning into a dragon's claw in the process. Soon after his whole arm is engulfed in yellow flames sending his fist flying at Sabo landing a punch on the blondes face sending him tumbling to the floor.

" I wouldn't be a good father for ___!! I would rather have someone as caring as you be that baby's father rather than a careless person like me!!"

Sabo looks up an ace with a worried expression, he had no idea that his brother felt that way about himself, it made him feel as if his bother didn't think he was good enough.

Luffy jumps on the couch his arm covered in dark brown scales that stretch out and hit Ace in his gut.

He flies back and hits the wall then falling to the floor with a 'thud'.

He slowly raises his head to see a very pissed off brother " L-uffy?"

Luffy retracted his arm and walked over to his brother grabbing his shirt collar and flames him against the wall, lifting him off of his feet. His eyes blazing with furry when they loom over his brothers.

" You'd be a great dad Ace!! Your fun to hang around with, you always look out for your friends and family and you would kick anybody's ass if they hurt them. You may be tough at times but that only means you care so much to see them get hurt!!"

Luffy's grip on Ace's collar softens along with his gaze " So, please don't think so little of yourself anymore..."

Tears stream down his cheeks as he bites his bottom lip " I know I wouldn't be a good dad. I act like a kid and that's not what ___ deserves in a guy but I know you'd take care of her if you had the chance."

He lets go of him and falls on his hands and knees.

" I..I.." He sniffs and his tears form a puddle that his hands are in.

" I just want her to be happy with us happy forever!!!!!" Sabo crawls over and hugs Luffy, tears staining his own cheeks when Luffy sobs in Sabo's embrace saying things like ' I don't want her to leave' or ' I want things to stay the way they are'.

Nami's head falls into her hands muffling her own cries and Robin who was rubbing her back was now clinging to Namis side. Burying her face in the crook of her neck, she was holding her tears for too long.

Ace leans his head on the wall and looks up at the ceiling, noticing a crack in the corner.

It was the first-day ___ came to Mystic Flyers. ___ was sitting on the couch drawing when he and Zoro got into it and Zoro sent Ace flying through the wall. He hit his head on that very spot and fell and his head landed on her chest.

She was sitting there waiting for Nami to come back from the store with her training braw so she wasn't wearing one when he fell on her.

So they bounced right out when he did. She wasn't even mad she was laughing!!. Ace had his first node bleed on that day, and that's how their friendship blossomed.

Tears were falling down his face as well. Remembering that moment made him realize how much he, along with everyone else loved her with all their hearts.

He hadn't taken to heart all the more love she gave them in return. How she slipped some extra food onto their plates when they were still hungry after meals. When they got into trouble and Nami said no dinner for 3 days she would sneak into our room with a sack filled with food just for them.

She even took baths with them when they asked her too.

Now that there's the threat of her getting taken away from here makes this decision even harder.

" I could never bring my self to give her a child that was made just to keep her here. So..." He looks up at a certain moss head scowling at the floor, his own tears falling from his eyes.

Ace steadily makes his way over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder causing the moss head to stiffen and wipe away the tears after noticing someone next to him.

" I think Zoro should do it" Ace smiles then sits next to him. " You would be the better father out of all of us."

Sabo and Luffy look up at Zoro with big red puffy eyes and nod.

" Yeah... I think Zoro should do it too. He and __ are close so he may have a chance of getting a slap on the wrist in the end." Sabo says standing up and picking up his hat that fell.

Luffy walks over to Zoro and sits next to him to look at him with a determined look.

" You better be gentle with her, " he says calmly.

" Eh?! "

" heh, yeah try not to fuck her into the next century Zoro!!" Ace laughs holding his stomach " She would probably be walking like a cowboy that rode way too many horses!!"

" Shut up!!" Zoro snaps at Ace, fangs bared and his hand on his sword " Or else I'm gonna cut your ass into a million pieces!!"

" Oh Zoro's Blushing!!!" Luffy points at him laughing when he see's pink dusted over his tan cheeks.

Zoro unsheathes his sword and chases after Luffy and Ace around the building yelling and screaming as Sabo chases after him.

Nami puts her hand on her cheek and looks down. " She's so small compared to Zoro "

" We may have to take her to the hospital after he's done. She may need surgery or maybe even stitches"

" Robin why are so calm saying that?"

She giggles a little " I have a feeling I may be right"

" Oh no"

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