Chapter 13

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Cold, that was the only thing I felt. A cold, hard damp surface. My back was sore and it ached painfully as I tried to get my face off whatever it was that I was laying on. I was face down on my stomach on something not all that comfortable and as I slowly started to become awake I though I heard the sound of flowing water. It was close but I wasn't quite there. All sorts of sounds came alive all around me as my mind slowly awakened. Even my head seemed sore and momentarily about to blow but that kind of pain wasn't unknown to me. Despite everything I still managed to pull myself up and sit up on my knees, tilt my head back and just stretch my aching body.

Everything around me wasn't so black anymore. The sky was of a dark blue, progressively becoming lighter on the other side of the river. The sun was about to rise somewhere above the tree line not too far from me. The distant sky had already began turning blaze orange with a few patches of dark yellow. There was also a slight breeze, very slight but chilly. That did not help the fact that my clothes were still damp from being soaked in water from the rain that came down the previous night. The bottle of Captain Morgan was still there as well. I had almost gotten to the bottom. There was no doubt in my mind that I totally could have if I hadn't just passed out right then and there on an enormous boulder at the mouth of some unknown river right in the path of a dam. It hadn't opened, probably because I would've been way too happy if I had gotten swept away.

"Hey!" an unknown male voice shouted from behind me, "Hey! You down there! Get back up here right now!"

At first I thought it was the police wanting to arrest me, after all trespassing on the property of a hydroelectric station was a pretty serious offense. But when I got up on my two feet, grabbed my backpack and turned back to put a face to the voice I saw that it was a young man of not more than eighteen years of age. Maybe even a little younger. He was waving his arms up and down and shouting something in gibberish.

"Get out of the basin!" the young man shouted again through a bunch of other things that I couldn't understand.

Then it occurred to me when I heard an overly loud sound of screeching metal only a few feet from me. The old rusted dams started to open up and water came violently rushing out. For the first time in a long time I felt pure fear. As much as I would have liked to put an end to everything right then and there, the overwhelming sense of fear that swept over me in that moment was the only thing that prevented me from being swept away by the water that seemed to be coming out of everywhere. I rushed as fast as I could across a couple of boulders separating the water from the land and up the small rock wall separating me from the bridge up above. By the time I got there the boulders were completely submerged underwater. The young man only had time to grab me by the collar of my shirt and violently pull me up onto the railroad before most of the rock wall was underwater too.

"Holy smokes man," I choked out, "you just saved my butt."

Above the hydro dam only a few feet away there was a bridge for cars and not too far from it there was the skimpy narrow bridge for the train that the dude and I were standing on. Below us there was nothing but raging water. The bridges were two small sections, connecting on each side of a miniature island only housing a single building surrounded by an enormous barbwire fence. The place was old, the concrete had started chipping off the walls and crumbing down nearby. The old 1930s windows looked like they were about to fall off the building at any moment and were covered in large, rusted steel bars. Nothing and no one was going to get in or out of there through the windows. There was a large brick chimney sticking out from the far left side of the roof like it was a giant smelter or some other creepy thing like that.

"What is this place?" I asked as I looked in horror at the decaying building.

"Welcome to the Old Sylva power plant!" the young man replied giggling, "The creepiest thing in Old Sylva and probably in the entire state of New York."

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