Chapter 19: Terminus

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Allan stepped out right behind Enzo, looking up, since that's what his job was. There was a good chance the damned things were crawling all over the structure. As it was, he was right: he spied three of them clinging to the side of the command structure. Ahead of him, he heard Enzo opening fire. Allan stepped out of the way to allow Callie and Colin to step out as he turned around, raised his rifle and opened fire.

The first shot was good: it hit the nearest cyborg right in the midsection and caused it to flat-line. The thing lost its grip and crashed to the ground, sending up a cloud of rock dust and dirt when it slammed into the earth. The other two had realized the sudden change in the situation and were turning, coming for him now. He aimed, fired, aimed, fired. Two more good hits. Another one fell, almost on him, and the other retained its grip even in death, hanging off the side of the structure. Allan was about to lower his weapon when he saw another appear over the side of the rooftop. He aimed and fired a fourth time, missed, fired again and hit it.

"Let's go people!" Enzo shouted.

Allan returned his attention to the ground and saw that the place was already littered with corpses. Blue-white flashes popped off all over the place as the four of them opened up, keeping the dozens of cyborgs at bay as they forced their way through them. Allan moved as fast as the situation would allow him. They were making headway towards the pair of elevators. The plan was simple: Allan and Callie would take one, Enzo and Colin would take the other. They'd both hit dirt and make tracks for the towers in the distance.

Allan's gun ran dry. He hastily reloaded, then stopped and sidestepped, narrowly avoiding a swinging metal arm. Slamming the magazine in, he aimed and fired, putting down the cyborg. There seemed to be less of them now. Maybe some of them were going after Stone and his crew or maybe they were just thinning them out. Allan kept up the fire, going after Callie, who was a little ways ahead of him now.

He'd emptied another magazine by the time they reached the elevator and slapped another one in. He had a lot of them, close to a dozen left, but...

...would they be enough?

Only time would tell.

Once Callie was in the elevator, he hit the down button.

* * *

Enzo breathed a sigh of relief. The elevators were made of the same tough stuff as the control center had been. The creepy robot things couldn't get in, but they were following them. Some of them were leaping off the edge and landing far below, apparently no worse for the wear. He looked over and saw the other two going down at about the same rate, the two elevators almost even with each other. Colin shifted beside him.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," he muttered unhappily.

"Aren't we all? Besides, I thought you were bored, old man," Enzo replied.

Colin shook his head and managed a grim grin. "Even being bored seems nice compared to this. That's the hell of the human brain, kid, the grass always seems greener. You're bored? You'd die for some action. You're knee-deep in the action? You'd kill just to live long enough to be bored again. We're never satisfied."

"That's why civilization works. We're never satisfied. We never give up," Enzo replied.

Colin snorted. "Maybe."

The lift hit the ground. The doors opened. There was no more time for talking as both men immediately opened fire, killing off the group of cyborgs that had massed in front of both elevators. Fifteen shots later, the way was clear. Enzo and Colin hustled out of the lift, shooting a few of the stragglers. Enzo shot a glance over to the other lift and saw that Allan and Callie had cleared their lift and were already making for their tower.

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