Chapter 1

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Lucy's eyes opened widely, she gasped for air and sat up as quickly as possible. 

"It was just a bad dream," she mumbled to herself. "It was just a nightmare," she repeated. But if it was a dream then why did it felt so real? she thought. She soon banished the dream out of her head, she needed to get ready to go to the guild!

Lucy stumbled out of her bed and rubbed her eyes. She was still very tired from the party last night but she had to meet Natsu so she walked to her bathroom and splattered some water on her face. Lucy felt already more awake. She walked to her closet and pulled out some clothes. She then walked back to her bathroom to brush her teeth and do her hair. Around 11 o'clock she left her apartment to go to the guild.

When she walked through the doors it was already busy. Erza, Levy, Cana, and Lisanna were talking to Mira who stood behind the bar. Macao and Wakaba were both sitting together at one of the tables, the Thunder Legion was hanging around Laxus and Juvia was stalking Gray. Lucy shook her head and walked to the bar.

"Hey, guys," she said to everyone there. All the girls turned their heads and smiled at Lucy.

"Good morning," they all said in unison. "That party last night was awesome don't you think so?" Cana said with a thick tongue, she had already started drinking. Lucy sighed and took the seat next to Erza.

"Yeah, but Natsu got pretty wasted so I had to drag him home." Everyone started laughing and Lucy showed a little smile. Erza saw that something wasn't right. Normally Lucy with laugh with them, just as loud.

"Lucy, is something the matter?" she asked worriedly. "Well.." Lucy said. "I had another nightmare," All the girls looked at her worried. They all knew that Lucy had trouble sleeping lately. "But I'll be fine, it's just a nightmare. So don't worry about it," she continued.

"Still, I'm glad you told us," Ezra said seriously but still with a small smile on her face. "Don't worry about it," Lucy said with a smile.

Just as Mira was about to say something, Natsu came storming in. "Could you turn it down a bit Flame Brain?" Gray shouted at him. "Well, what you're gonna do about it Ice princes?" Natsu shouted back with a smirk on his face.

"What did you call me?!" Gray shouted, the air getting colder. Almost everybody rolled their eyes. Here we go again.

"You heard me," Natsu said. Gray stormed at him, suddenly his shirt went out. "Ice make cannon," he shouted, he aimed at Natsu but Natsu dodged the attack. "Fire Dragon roar" he shouted, as fire came out of his mouth. Gray dodged but the tables caught fire.

Erza's aura was getting darker by the second, she hated it if Natsu and Gray fought especially so early. As soon as she stood up, everybody knew what was coming next. She walked towards Natsu and Gray, when she got there she smashed both their heads together. 

"Behave would ya! Jeez, you both act like little children," Erza said. "He started it," they both said at the same time. "I don't care!" Erza almost yelled. Natsu and Gray both didn't want to piss Erza more off, so they let it be.

"Hey, Luce!" Natsy said once he saw the blonde sitting at the bar. He walked towards her and Happy followed him. "Hey, Natsu and Happy," Lucy said happily.

"You guys are quite early," Mira said. 

"Yeah, well I promised Lucy that we would be here, so here we are," Natsu said with a smile on his face. Lucy blushed soft, she thought it was sweet from him to get here early just for her but she wouldn't let anyone notice it. "Come on, we should pick a job," Natsu said while dragging Lucy with him.

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