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🔝 Dominic Ortiz. 🔝 Travis Adams

It's been 2 weeks and that mystery girl attacks me every night. She always seems to know where I am and when I'm there. I wouldn't be surprised though, she is apart of the R.I.

Although, her group is extremely skilled, I would expect her to be the best. But for some reason, she seems to have trouble with aiming, unless......
She doesn't want to kill me, she wants to hurt me.

I get out my bed and get ready for my day. I decide I wanna go to the gun range today, I don't feel like being around those amateurs in our private range.
"I'm going out, don't forget to send back the collectoral to W.V, I'm sure they learned their lesson on not paying their dues on time" I said to Trav. Him  and Domi were play 2k.

"But Cole, he's dead" Domi says.
"Exactly" I reply before walking out the door.
West Villas, aka W.V, owed us money, and gave us the leaders cousin as collectoral. They didn't pay us back on time so we had to kill him.

I could feel my eyes open and squint from the light coming from my window.
Getting out my bed, I limp towards the bathroom.
I turn on the light and immediately jump back from my reflection.
"Jeez. Ugly much?" I chuckle before grabbing a tooth brush.

After brushing my teeth and doing my hair, I put on my outfit which was a crop top, and Camo pants.  I made my way downstairs to the kitchen, and grabbed some strawberries and waffles for breakfast. 
"What are you doin today?" I ask as I sit on top of the dinning table as Ray slowly walks in with her robe on.
"I don't know" she yawns scratching her head with her hair in a messy bun.

"I'm going to the shooting range" I say crossing my legs taking a bit of the fruit.
"You know people eat there right?" She says
"My Butt isn't dirty so it's good" I reply taking a scoop of Nutella.

"I beg to differ" she whispers loud enough for me to hear.
I grab a apple from the Basket laying on the table and throw it at her head.
"Shit. What the fuck TANA!" She yells.
"I don't know what your talking about" I barely respond with my mouth filled with Waffle.

"I'm gonna kill you!" She yells. I quickly jump off the table and run away from her.
I make my way to the backyard with Ray on my heels
She tries to run towards me but I move away and send her flying right into the pool.

"Your really clumsy" I say sarcastically as she spits out water from her mouth and stares at me.
"Gotta dash" I sing before running back in the house. I could hear Ray yelling something behind me but I choose to ignore it and continue to my bike.


"Hey Boss, What are you doing here?" Davon asks as I make my way to the range in the R.I house.
"I'm gonna practice my aim" I reply as I make my way towards the door. The sounds of gun shots become more urgent the closer I got.
"It's been a while" he replies.
"But there's one problem" he adds.

I walk through the doors of the range and see a large amount of people Most of them just a bunch of newbies.
"They're all here to practice?" I ask looking over to Davon cocking my eyebrow. He gives me a shy nod and I sigh at the sight of so many people.

"Split this group in thirds. Make the first group move to combat, the next group should work with weapons. And the third, can stay" I conclude.
"Yes mam" He answers and makes his way to the group.

I guess I have to go somewhere else.
I make my way through the house and get bombarded with questions from random people about how to handle situations.
"Mena, think about it, if the man wears a lot of gel in his hair, don't you think you'd be able to see an imprint on the pillow from that night at the hotel?" I ask looking at the Youthful girl.

"Especially if he doesn't wash it out everyday" I add walking towards the door.
"Now, everyone else who has questions, Raylia will be here in a few, you'll have to wait for her." I announce before walking out the door.


I pull up to the range and make my way inside.
"Hey Reece" I greet to the gray haired man standing in front of the register.
"Aye wassup T" he replies with his new jersey accent rolling off his tongue.
"Ya haven't been hear for a while" he adds.
"Yeah I know, I've been busy" I answer

"But, I've come today specially to help show those boys who's boss" I add with a chuckle.
"Perfect, I'm tired of having to get my walls re- cemented cuz they can't hit a simple target" he chuckles.
"What's your candy" he asks looking over to my options.

"Alright I need a handgun. One that needs no support from shoulder. And has a barrel length under 16" I demand.
Reece nods his head before picking me a pistol, a Walther to be exact.

"Just my kind of flavor" I say rubbing my hand together before receiving the gun.
"Alright. Now I need a simple riffle just to satisfy my sweet tooth" I add tapping my finger on my chin as I stare up to the wall covered in arms.

I search around for the riffle of my choice before coming across one with a gun with a pitch black soul.  I picked up the Galil carefully admiring its beauty.


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