Chapter 1

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The darkness took over the sky the wind blew the candles fire the ground disappeared and it felt like I was falling endlessly.

I screamed but nothing came out, my eyes filled with tears as everything around me disappeared the classroom I was in, the people that surround me, was all gone.

There was nothing left I closed my eyes hoping that this was just a dream a nightmare or even better death.

Death as in far away from this evil world that surrounds me, where you are either chosen to stay a human, become a slave or become a vampire I hope this really is death I would be happy with my family and friends who killed their self because life was just wrong and wasn't built for people to live in.

They were wrong for leaving me alone but right about this world, the world that took my parents away from me, the world that took innocent human and turned them into slaves, the world that turn life into a nightmare.

The ones that stay human is really lucky they don't have to face the pain that the slave and vampire have to take on, well they do if they love ones were taken away but still.

The even luckier ones are the ones that are dead they don't have to worry about people in their family turning because they are going to be in a better place.

I'm scared.

Scared to find out what's about to happen, scared to face my faith, and I'm scared to be forced in the dark.

I opened my eyes still seeing darkness, still falling, as time went by I notice my hair was changing colors it turned red to black with red highlight it was doing the same thing over and over again.

It finally stop but it was not my natural color it was red I notice that I stop falling, in front of me was a bright light still surround by darkness I slowly walked toward the light but before I can step in the light it was gone it just disappeared I was lost in my thought for me to realize that someone was looking right at me I turned to the figure that was looking at me.

"Hello, Ms. Jackson" a little boy bowed and gave me a sign to follow him.

"Why am I here?" I ask trying to keep up with the little boy.

"Because you were chosen of course," the little boy smiled and continued walking.

Why was I chosen? why me? where am I? a million questions pop up in my head before I can speak a giant castle came into my view.

My eyes widened at the beautiful picture I was looking at, I turned to where the boy was next to me but he was gone.

I walked toward the castle that was surrounded by guards who see me and open up the gates, walking toward the castle I saw the Little boy again he was smiling and waving at me he went inside the castle and I followed.

I went inside the castle, the inside of the castle was 7 times better then the outside everything was just so beautiful about 2 hours went by and I was standing in front of a golden door.

"You don't want to go in there," a boy said that look just like the other boy but much older.

I nodded and walk away from the room because right now if someone told me to not do something there was no way in hell I would do the complete opposite I was already scared.

"The lords are waiting for you," the boy said and started walking away I followed him into a room I pass before but was too scared to open it.

My heart started racing after I walk through the door to see only two vampire lords looking down at me.

"Hello Ms. Jackson," the vampire lord with short beautiful red hair said looking at me and then focus on my hair that was still red.

The other one with red long hair was just smiling at me shaking his head, "we're dealing with a female!" was the only thing he said before the other lord slap him in the back of his head.

"Stop being a bitch we need her help," the one with short hair said.

What did they mean they are dealing with a girl? what did they mean that I was going to help them?

Again lost in my thought I didn't know what to say or do I just look down at my foot for at least ten minutes trying to put the pieces together.

After I snap myself out my thoughts they were arguing at each other giving me a confused look on my face.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID she probably scared out of her mind," the one with short hair yelled making me stumble back

"This is my fault because, maybe you should tell her what going on," the one with long hair yelled before he disappears.

I tried looking around so avoiding eye contact I was not trying to pay attention but low key I was laughing inside.

I tried to put on a serious face but it was not working I turned to the lord to see a confused look on his face as I shook my head and gave him a petty smile.

"So as the new vampire lord it your job......"

Wait what did he just say, the new vampire lord, why me again out of all the people in the world they chose me.

"yes I know it sounds crazy but it your responsibility to tell people their job and other things...." I nodded in agreement.

I frown appeared on my face when I thought about my aunt and how I have to leave her.

She was the only family member I had left she took care of me after my parent died I don't know what to do without her

I tried holding down my tears but I couldn't help it in a few seconds tears was rolling down my face.

"What-what wrong," the Lord said looking confused.

"I just don't want to leave my aunt," I wipe the tears from my eyes.

"Well one thing about being a lord is you can bring whoever you want to the kingdom and break all of the rules," a smirk appeared on his face making me chuckle.

"What if I say no"

"Then say goodbye to your aunt," he said with a smile that almost made me get up and slap him in his face but before I can do anything I was back in the classroom before everything disappeared.

I look at my best friend meg and for some reason, her hair was black with red highlights I look at everyone else in the class and their hair was different colors some were the same.

On my way home I said goodbye to me and walked inside my house to see my aunt smiling at me I didn't know how to break it to her what if she hates me for what I become or what if she disown me..........I gave her a fake smile and walk up to my room.

When I walked in the room I was back in the castle inside the room where I first met the lords but this time I was sitting in the middle of them.

"Watch and learn newbie," the one with long hair said as a girl walks in the room when I look at her face I was in complete shock.

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