I was his since I was Five

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"Aden Weller" he is so hot!" Another girl squealed to another. I groaned to hear it. Yes he was hot.... Last year, but to me after someone gets to famous they get.... What's the word? BORING!

"What's wrong Tara?" Maggie asked one of my first best friends.

"Aden Weller is getting on my nerves"

They all laughed like this was the joke of the year.

"I'm serious, doesn't he feel to you guys like he's getting old"

They all shrugged Kelly the only one willing to agree.

"Well I guess, In Teen Weekly they say he's already married"

My eyes felt as if they were going to pop out of their sockets, my mouth flew open and I gasp.

"He's only seventeen"

"He told them that his dad wanted to stay connect to his old friend so they married their kids"

"Since he's rich he can get out of it right?" Maggie asked.

"He doesn't want to, He knows she lives somewhere in this part of the state, So he going to all the schools looking for her"

"The plan to stay connected didn't work?" I laughed. Typical.

"Yea the father of the girl broke the connection, He told Aden's father that it was a big mistake to marry their children and he told them a slight location, just in case they ever wanted to get a divorce" a new preppy girl said coming into our conversation like it was her own. Instead of listening to the rest of the conversation I sat there looking out the big window in the school's library, thinking how sad it would be for the girl unless it was someone like them. My eyes immediately settled on the preps.

"Tara, are you listening? TARA!"

I shook my head and looked at Kelly. "Yes?"

"Aden coming to our school to you know?" I shook my head looked at my watch.

"I got to go" I lied. My Dad let's me stay out as long as I want to but I couldn't stand to listen anymore about Aden Weller.

I left them there with their magazines and gossip and headed home which was only a few minutes walk from the school. When I got home my dad was already there which was strange.

"Hey dad, your home early"

"Finished early" he said distractedly then he picked up a magazine with Aden on the front cover with a little air bubble that said "Are you my wife?"

"Tara what do you think of Aden Weller?" my dad asked.

"I came home and left my friends because of him" my dad understood exactly what I meant which is why I loved him so much I didn't need to explain anything to him. He just understood.

"Then maybe we should move" my dad was a mess he looked nervous and afraid.

"Why?" I asked

"When you were five I married you to him" he said as quick as he could.

My jaw dropped my dad was the guy who cut connections and stuff?

"Why'd you cut connections with him" I asked truly bored.

"Because I didn't want you not to have a choice and it was after your mother died when you were my only girl left"

At least my dad realized it was stupid. "I remember it you told me it was a game" I was five I guess I never really thought of why my whole family would come and I'd get such a nice dress and there be a real priest but I don't remember who it was. "I don't recall it being Aden" my father looked down ashamed.

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