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Edited: 6/16/18


Eva rushed out of the building, feeling claustrophobic.

She crossed the road with shaky legs and ran to her car. Before she opened the door, she saw a paper tucked into her windshield wipers. She groaned, already knowing what it was.

A ticket. Freaking New York.

She took the paper and stepped into the car.

Which god did I anger to trigger this sh!t storm? She questioned and turned the radio on. She put the volume on its highest setting, hoping the noise emitting from the speakers would scatter her thoughts.

It didn't. The events that transpired in that godforsaken office played back like a broken record.

She slammed her hands on the steering wheel, trying to alleviate her frustration. She needed a distraction, someone to vent to.

Sam wasn't going to cut it, neither was her aunt, so she called the next person on the list. Zya- One of her coworkers.

Eva worked at a restaurant. She started working there 5 months ago after graduating. Although cooking had nothing to do with her Business degree, she was having terrible luck getting employed, so she had to settle there.

Zya was about 26. She had short and curly black locks with dark brown eyes. She was much taller than Eva and had an impressive athletic build. She was quirky and sarcastic. The two friends spent most of their time bantering.

"Hey, you didn't come to work today, are you okay?" was the first thing Zya asked when she picked up the phone.

No, because Adrian Miller has me f*cked up.

"I'm fine. I'm just dealing with some bs right now. I was actually hoping that I could come over and talk your ear off. It's about time you make yourself useful," Eva chuckled.

"You choose the best time to call me. I just bought some beer!" Zya cheered.

"You really shouldn't have said that because now I'm probably going to get a speeding ticket."


Zya pulled the door open and invited her friend inside. Eva pulled her shoes off and sat on the comfortable leather couch. This wasn't her first time visiting Zya. The two had a couple of sleepovers.

Zya's apartment was large and beautifully decorated with a floral theme that Eva loved. Her appliances didn't look like they were bought on sale. Eva knew Zya was above average when it came to money. What she didn't understand is why she worked at a restaurant that paid minimum wage.

"So, fill me in. My life is boring and I need some entertainment" Zya said as she offered Eva a beer.

"I don't even know where to start," Eva admitted and took a long gulp. The cold liquid ran down her throat. She shuddered at the taste.

"How about the beginning?" Zya suggested and earned herself an eye-roll from Eva.

"I got catfished"

Zya burst out laughing. "I swear, if I find you on the MTV show, I will block you"

Eva snorted. "It's an incredibly complicated story, don't blame me if your head starts to hurt," she warned and propelled her feet up on the couch.

"I'm ready!" Zya encouraged.

Eva rambled on for a while, explaining the past few days to her.

"Yikes," was Zya's response.

"Yeah, you can say that again."

"So, whos lover boy?" Zya asked.

"Some rich *sshole. Adrian Miller."

Eva looked at Zya when she burst into a coughing fit. She got up and started to pat her back when the coughing wouldn't stop. "You ok?" she asked when she noticed that Zya's face was getting red.

"Ye-yeah, beer just went down the wrong pipe, hold on" Zya walked away from Eva and into the bathroom. She locked the door and looked in the mirror. Her face was violently red and her eyes contained unshed tears.

Adrian Miller. She knew that name. He was an alpha.

Zya knew all about werewolves, she was one herself. Well, she was supposed to be. She wasn't able to shift. She left her pack and moved to Jersey when she turned 20 because her pack was a constant reminder that she was broken. A mutation. A genetic failure.

She had no idea how her friend had gotten entangled with Adrian Miller. The discovery surprised her.

Zya walked out of the bathroom minutes later, looking composed. She sat next to Eva who was scrolling through her phone.

"Well, I don't have much advice to give, but I do have a temporary solution!" Zya said and grabbed Eva's attention.

"Whats that?"

"My sister is celebrating her 21st birthday this weekend. Why don't you come along?" Zya suggested.

Eva nodded. "Yeah, I could use a break. Where does she live?"

"Connecticut. Her name is Zena"

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