Preface: The Story of Before & Why

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The Story of Before & Why

*          *          *

           There is nothing different about him.

When I say nothing I actually mean, nothing. Everything about him is like he was ripped out of a playboy magazine and zapped into real life. He's handsome of course, and I wouldn't mind having his fingers explore places they've never been before, but I just can't because it wouldn't be right. I wouldn't be doing what I want. I would just be giving into his temptation which is exactly what he wants, and sometimes it almost works.

But if I give in, I might as well stomp on my own heart. I might as well just hurl myself down the stairs. He's dangerous.

He's no good. He does no good. He brings no good.

I know this because I live right next to him and take it from me, I know moans when I hear them and they're different every night. One day he brings a chick with a squeaky voice that's way too annoying for his own good and then the next there's a girl who moans like she's chocking on a banana—which now that I think about, could be his banana she's choking on.

And when he isn't bringing home a random girl to screw, he's throwing a party that doesn't stop until the sun rises the very next day. With music blasting throughout our entire building, smoke from all kinds of drugs rushing into my apartment and strange people asking if they could use my bathroom. That's what his parties consists off.

Therefore, that's what he likes.

Now, when he isn't doing any of these which are awfully annoying. He's knocking on my door begging, and insisting to let him take me on a date. A few times I slam the door on his face, and other times I don't even bother opening because I know it's him. He doesn't give up because spoiled ole' Dean always has to get what he wants and since I don't want him, it hurts his ego.

Some of my friends always tell me... 'Just give him a chance'. And I always answer back with the same response... 'No'. Why would I want someone who is as cocky as he is, disgusting as he is, doesn't know how to treat women with respect and hosts parties every other day. I am twenty-eight years old, the last thing I want is to be with someone who doesn't know how to settle down because that's all I want to do. Just settle down.

I want to find myself a man who is mature, responsible, smart, handy in the bedroom and kind. And Dean only has one of those to offer—Don't even ask how I know that.

But then one day that all changed within the blink of an eye. I was vulnerable, hurt, annoyed, and filled with so much rage. And then to top it off, the lights in my cheap ass apartment blew out because of a raging thunderstorm, increasing my fear of the dark by a million. Dean's a mechanic, and my super is pure fucking trash, so I relied on Dean... And maybe I shouldn't have.

To fix my lights, he wanted a kiss. A kiss isn't a big deal to me, but the guy most likely has every type of STD you can name, so the idea of kissing him was horrific in every way. However, I was desperate for my lights to be fixed and my fear of thunder and the dark slowly eased away with his company, so I risked it all and kissed him.

I didn't know by doing this I would want more.

I didn't know by doing this I would feel something.

I didn't know by doing this I would feel breathless.

I didn't know by doing this I would want his touch.

I didn't know by doing this I would want him.

Because if I did know, then I wouldn't have done it.

But it's too late. I did it and well.. I am wanting bad. It might've been the biggest mistake, or the best mistake I've done.

*           *           *

A/N: wow. after way many months I finally decided to give this story another shot and try it out and surprisingly I like what I came up with. this isn't the first chapter at all, just a small insight on the story and how kasey, the main character feels towards the male main character and what will happen. please, if you like this and want to read more, let me know because this is what this part of the story is for, to let me know if you are still intrigued. if you have read this far, i want to thank you for giving this a shot!!

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