"He loves you, idiot!" (MattEdd)

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@Audreyakatrash042 specifically requested this. I love the idea btw, it made me chuckle 👌😏

Matts Pov


Ahh...I feel off the bed...


My limbs are entangled in my sheets. With my back painfully resting on the ground. Looking up at the ceiling with drowsy eyes, thinking about my beautiful face and....


Since I fell off my bed, my precious face could've gotten damaged! Also, because I thought of that, I remembered a certain something under my bed. Simply reaching over with my right arm arm, I grabbed the glorious object. It's that mirror with a shiny frame, along with a crystal pattern. This gift is from Edd...

Ahh...just thinking about him makes me red. Which is the one thing other than my face that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! That, and this one novelty toy I have...which is also from Edd...

ANYWAY, as I looked through the enchanting mirror, I felt at ease to see it's just as gorgeous as ever.

Matt:"Hmm, I should get Edd a present. Since.....yeah."

Some time later....in the next day..

Tom:"You idiot!"


Tom:"That's not a very nice thing you should be doing to little Jimmy!"

Our day went about as normal. Edd, cooking, cleaning, being an overall charming guy! And Tom is just sitting here, talking to the television once again. He does that often when Tord is off on one of his 'trips'. It's great seeing them get along, but I never knew it would be to the point when Tom would actually miss him. (Hinting TomTord yeeee)

Edd:"Hey Matt," UUHH "It looks like you've got a lot of stuff in that bag. What's it for?"

Matt:"I-It's..um..." Tom looked over, away from the TV. He must of noticed the stutter. "..h-here!.."

Looking away embarrassed, I handed him the bag. Edd sat on the couch and went through it's contents.

Edd:"*gasp*" My blush deepened, because his eyes sparkled. "..art supplies!!.." He whispered yelled, too cute. Tom chuckled a bit.

Edds smiled grew as he kept pulling out the endless amount of art supplies.

Edd:"Thank you soooo much Matt!!" He practically jumped on me, giving me a tight hug. I blushed, feeling ever warmer having a smaller person hugging me, and Edd at that.

Edd:"Why did you get me all of this anyway? Not to be rude, but it's not a holiday." he pulled away, looking up at me. Once again, I stuttered over my words, not knowing what to say.

Matt:"I...uh...because you did a lot for m-us! I'm just showing that I care." He seemed to buy it, even though it's true.

Tom:"Really, Edd?"


Tom:"Do you not see what this actually means?" Dam it, Tom. Why do you assume things that are right?

Edd:"Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm no."

Tom:"He loves you, idiot!" Uh oh.

Edd looked up at me puzzled. All I did, being stupid, is hoping over the sofa, hiding. From the two, I just heard murmurs. Not really hearing what they're saying.

Two familiar shoes walked in front of me. He bent down, looking into my eyes.

Edd:"You love me too?" I can't wrap my head round his words.

Matt:"T-too?" He pulled me up, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before hugging me again.

Tom just sat their watching us.

Tom:"Hehe...you two are perfect for each other!"

Edd:"Haha, Tom, we're not your TV." Nice roast. "Though, this will be quite entertaining~."



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