Chapter Two

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Chapter the Second

"It was awful, Professor!" Luna explained to Professor McGonagall, fake tears rolling down her face thick and fast, "I was just going down the Owlery stairs, when I saw Dean mutter someting about one of the Patil twins, and jump out the window! He never told me something was upsetting him - he didn't tell anyone!"

McGonagall nodded, scribbling something down on a peice of paper. "Thank you, Miss Lovegood. That will be all."

As soon as she was dismissed, Luna hurried to the school grounds, to feed the thestrals. She needed some time to think. As she approached the pumkin patch, she was intercepted by an unwelcome aquaintance.

"Ah!" she cried, coming to an abrupt halt, "Goyle! Gregory Goyle! What do you want?"

"Your dad..." he said slowly. The effort looked painful. "He writes a paper, don't he?"

Luna nodded causiously, looking around for an escape route. They were completely alone, and she was trapped.

"In his paper, he wrote some insults about my dad. It was out of order, Lovegood!" he yelled, punching her in the stomach. She staggered for a second, before, seeing he was about to hit her again, she bit his arm.

"Ow!" he shouted, pushing her to the floor and drawing his wand, "You'll pay for that! Cruci-"

"Avada Kedavra!" she screamed.

She pulled his corpse along behind her, until she finally arrived at the thestrals' clearing. The little foal's boney eye sockets seemed to light up when he saw the feast she had brought for him, and he devoured every last scrap.

Once again, Luna walked back up to school. This time, however, she decided that the teachers could determine where Gregory Goyle had gone, without any help from her.

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