Chapter 5 - Unforeseen Diagnosis.

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My chest is wheezy, but I'm still going.

I climb up the hill, my body protesting me to stop, but I'm not done yet. The view from here is so relaxing, I'd kill to have Victoria up here.

Panting heavily, I stop finally and turn to see Mark following behind, almost struggling too, but remains impassive.

I take a photo of the scenery.

The sunrising over the London city looks breathtaking and for a moment, I feel at peace.

I decide to send the photo to Victoria and head back down the hill to continue on with my run.

While I'm making my way passed a few joggers, my music stops, and my phone starts to ring. Panting, I find the breath to answer.


"Good morning, Mr Malik."

I frown. It's Saturday. Leigh's not in.

"Adriana." I pant.

"UNICEF has called again."

"I'll get back to them."

"Yes sir. Are you aware of Mr Donovay?"

I frown and come to a stop as my panting seems to increase.

"No. Who is he?"

"He's a beginner. He started a business last month and hasn't seemed to do any good in this industry."

"So he wants to arrange a meeting?"

"Yes." She replies sternly.

"If you can schedule one for tomorrow or any day this week but today, will be fine."

"I'm on it."

"Message me when you've arranged a meeting."

"I'll have Leigh arrange it."

"Anything else?"

"No sir."

"I'll be in later." I hang up the phone and turn to Mark as I take my headphones out, but my phone rings again.

I put my headphones back in. "Malik."

"Zayn." I hear Victorias voice and I frown.

"Victoria. What's wrong?"

"Wherever you are, I need you here now. You have a visitor."

Without even replying, she hangs up the phone and I blink in confusion.

"Has Eve contacted you?!" I proclaim as I turn to Mark.

"Yes, sir."

"Who's there?!" I can't control myself from the adrenaline that's still filtering through my veins.

"Miss Christiansson, sir." Mark explains and I sigh annoyed.


This bitch was long out of my life and she chooses now to fuck up everything.

Son of a bitch!

With as much speed my legs can muster up after a 15 mile run, I take the shortcut through the service lanes and through the Hyde park lane walk ways to get back to the apartment.

It takes ten minutes but fuck am I tired.

Because I'm panting so hard, I take the elevator and wait for Mark who looks like how I feel.

"If she pisses me off." I pause, trying to catch my breath. "take her out." I blurt.

"Yes sir." Mark replies and I feel a little reassured.

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