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In classes, Donghyuck notices Aerin kept on touching the ribbon necklace. He was curious what Chani had told her when he gave her the necklace. After class ended, Donghyuck was tempted to talk to her.


The girl turns. "W-Where did you get the necklace?" His question made the girl jumped. "Erm. I-it is a friendship necklace! Chani gave it to me" The girl looked panicked. Donghyuck scoffed. He looked around the class, it was empty.

Taking this opportunity, Donghyuck wanted to ask so many things that happened which made him confused. "What is up with you last few days?" Donghyuck asked. The girl obviously avoiding his gaze. The girl didn't reply. It didn't suit Donghyuck taste.

He bottled it up for so long. He made actions without thinking. Donghyuck pinned the girl against the wall. "What did I do wrong?" Donghyuck asked, his voice breaking.

"T-there was nothing! I was busy and had no time to call you." The girl said, which made Donghyuck mad. His fist went near her face, before crashing it onto the wall. The girl flinched. "You lied." He gritted his teeth. He was too mad, and the girl could see it. The girl took no time and hugged Donghyuck, trying to calm him down.

"Please, calm down."

Donghyuck scoffed, pushing Aerin off him slowly. He touched the ribbon's necklace that was hung around her neck.

"It was my gift, to you for our 8th monthsary." He said, before leaving.

The girl was dumbfounded. She looked at the necklace, noticing a small initial


He went to the soccer field and met Jeno. Jeno gave him a smile, greeting him. Donghyuck smiled weakly. "Can I join for a game?" Donghyuck asked, which Jeno happily accepted.

Donghyuck just needed time to relax and think again. He needed some time away from Aerin too, but knowing that he'll lose her as soon as he let her go, he didn't dare to think breaking up with Aerin. He loved her so much, it hurts.

He was mad in love.

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