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Donghyuck surely will not let his girl having detention alone with that boy. During class, he thought of many things to get him in detention too. He smirked, tearing a paper from his notebook. Aerin nudged him, raising her brows. Donghyuck smiled reassuringly.

'I will not let my girl out of my hand' He thought.

He built a paper plane. He blew the end of the paper plane. He heard Aerin chuckled at his childishness, but she enjoyed seeing him like this. Donghyuck aimed the paper plane on the teacher's head and his aiming was right. Well, he's good with games.

The teacher turned around, opening the paper plane. The teacher gasped. There was a picture of an angry bird with initial of l.dh.

"Lee Donghyuck, detention after school." The teacher said before continue to write on the board. Donghyuck smiled, looking at Aerin. The girl smiled, whispering a thank you. The boy saluted, no problem.

He was ready to kick someone in the ass.

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