My Westwood...

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I'm so sorry for not updating as much as I should! Dance recital is coming up and I've been busy with school/friends annnnd I had writers block for like a week, so that was hectic and ugh.

I have no excuse, I'm sorry D: 

ANNNYWAYS, you probably want the story now... I better stop xD

You had fallen asleep when he left. Doctor Who marathons take a lot out of a person. Epically if that person had just gotten drunk on hot chocolate the night before. You two had so much fun...

You drifted off finally, only to be waken up by Jim opening the flat's door. "Wha..." you mumbled

You opened your eyes to see Jim covered in blood head-to-toe. He looked kind of sad...

"What's wrong?" you asked groggily

"This is my favorite Westwood suit..." he grumbled

You start to laugh your head off. He soon starts to laugh along with you as he goes to the room and changes out of his tux and put on a black t-shirt and black sweatpants. It was awkwardly similar to what you were wearing.

"What do you want to do tonight?" he asks "Doctor Who marathon?"

You shook your head no "Already did that, and I'm lazy" you grin "How about we cook a nice dinner together? And then wear our similar outfits, and even take a selfie or something"

He looks at you a moment "As long as there is toast" you start to laugh

"There can be toast at our ultra fancy dinner" you nod

"Great!" he jumps up and pulls you into a long hug. You loved this side of Moriarty, but it was still in the back of your mind what Sherlock is doing. You have been constantly have been thinking of him. You aren't having any doubts with Jim, but you worry about Sherlock. Did he really love you? Were you really the one exception on his 'No feelings' rule? You will never get to know, and that truly scares you. 

You push the thought out of your mind as you and Jim run into the kitchen.

"Nonononononono" Jim said "I'm cooking, you've have obviously had a hard day with sitting around all day" he says the last part with hilarious sing-song voice.

You walk into the bedroom and get on your laptop. It's been awhile since you have talked to any of your internet friends in a very long time. You wonder about them constantly, especially the one you had met when you guys were about 22. You sighed and saw that she was on, but right as you were about to send the message you heard a scream from the kitchen saying "(y/n)... I BURNED MYSELF HALP" you sighed and jogged to the kitchen.

You walk him into the bathroom and pour cold water on his hand.

He is just smiling at you "Did I nearly get cha?" you looked confused "With the scream and all"

"Psh. No. The important question is, is the food okay" you grinned at him

"I think it is perfectly fine" he nods back

"I'll go finish dinner okay?" you say and he nods back.

You walk back to the kitchen and sigh. He had only made the toast. He burnt his hand on a freaking toaster. "I'm dating a dork" you nod

"I heard that!" Jim yells from the bathroom

"Good!" you yell back smiling

You end up ordering pizza and you put jelly on all of the toast. Like seriously there are like 3 dozen stacks of toast man...

You two sit on the couch sharing a fluffy blanket. You eat your pizza and he eats his toast. You observe the way he eats toast. It's strange, he see that he wraps his lips around it then pulls his head back, strange...

After you finish you lay on his lap as he strokes your hair.

"(y/n)..." he said after a long time of silence "Would you like to work with me? You can have some gun training, be my head sniper, my right-hand-man-er-I-mean-women"

You sit there a little bit "Please" he sings with his adorable Dublin accent

"Um..." you sit there "I have to think about it a little bit, and would I have to call you Boss, I don't want to do that, and wouldn't it be weird, I mean, I just, I have to think about it..."

He looked like he was disappointed "Okay..." he whines

You sit there for what seems like hours "Jim" you ask "did you spike the hot chocolate yesterday?" you start to laugh

he looks down at you and nods 

"I KNEW IT!" you laugh "I knew you wouldn't let me touch your precious Westwood suits just like you did"

You both start to laugh until you finally say "Jim, I will work for you"

His eyes light up "Great! Your training will start tomorrow!" he says as he leans down to kiss you.

"Well, I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed" you say as you get up and change into a t-shirt of his and his sweatpants as well.

Tomorrow is your training. You're nervous, but excited. You open your laptop one last time before you go to bed to see if your friend is still on.

She isn't. Oh well, It's time to move on. Live in the real world. You think to yourself.

You take one last look at Moriarty's sleeping face. The real world is great. You smile to yourself and fall asleep.

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