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The last practice of the school's musical theater went well. Aerin smiled after hearing another compliment from the director. He was happy seeing Aerin got complimented on her acting skills. She did well. He agreed. The bell to recess rang. They went to the cafe again, Donghyuck paid for her food as well. It was his routine, he liked it. They sat on a bench while looking at to the soccer field. Donghyuck smiled, recognizing one of his friends playing in the field. Jeno Lee.

Aerin nudged him trying to grab his attention. "That guy over there had been staring at us."

Donghyuck turned. He stared at the boy, which he barely knew. "He thinks you are pretty" Donghyuck said before swallowing his burger. Aerin blushed hard, she hid her face from Donghyuck and he noticed. He chuckled, pinching her cheeks again, "It's true. Everyone would kill themselves to have a look like you." That didn't help the girl to calm down, instead her heart was beating very fast.

Aerin turned to face Donghyuck, it's no fair he always makes me like this. She thought.

Donghyuck stared at her face, her smirk got him on goosebumps. "What's wrong?"

And her lips smacked on his. Donghyuck's eyes widened in shock.

"There was some cheese on your lips and I wanted to taste some" She said, now making the boy blushing hard.

He was indeed happy.


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