My Sweet Escape

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This is the first story I am writing I hope you all enjoy !!

Chapter one

"Welcome on stage Alexxxx Guerra!!" Thrill and excitement filled the air as I walked out on stage, this is it I told myself it’s now or never. I timidly approached the mike, in one swift movement I yanked it off the stand and with my back to the audience the lights flashed on and the background music began, my palms were sweaty and all I could have think about was that stranger I bumped into while entering the club, the mere thought of him hearing me sing and disliking my voice made me nervous, I quickly pushed aside that thought and began. " Cause I can't make if you love me if you don’t, you can't make your heart feel something it won't" the excitement of the crowd was enormous, on hearing this I quickly flung my body around in rhythm to the music and cheers of the crowd members boosted my confidence in a split second.

 As I descended the stage and continued singing within the crowd the power of the music overtook me " I'll close my eyes and then I won't see the love you don't feel when you're holding me" and there he was as I spat out that line as we made eye contact I noted that his eyes glistened with the club lighting I could see dark brown eyes that hid something, it took me a moment to realize that I was actually walking towards him, admiring him  and firing lyrics at the same time.  I quickly turned around and headed back to stage as I kept shaking my ass off and getting lost in my music, I finally made my way backed as my performance was hair flipping and overwhelming it had to come to an end as I concluded the and proudly treaded my way off stage with the crowd chanting my name.

There it was, that feeling of accomplishment ‘You finally did it Alex, you sang live…and it was your favorite song..I can’t make you love me!!! Wowww I love this feeling I wish it could last forever’. Suddenly, my arm was hauled in a strong grasp and to my horror it was my Dad.  

“Dad!! Wha..what are you doing here”  I barely made it out in a stutter. I was viscously heaved out back stage and through the crowd, as we made it outside my favorite night club ‘The Dirty Dancers’ there he was, my stranger entering his Mitsubishi Pajero, our eyes interlocked on each other as my father furiously shoved me into his car. On seeing me in distress he flung open his door and darted towards my direction but to my dismay he was too late.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at home, “Alexandra Guerra what on earth were you thinking going at a place like that and displaying such a disgraceful behavior!!!” I stood by the staircase in tears as my dad continued yelling at me, my body quivered in fear as I dreaded his statement of my punishment. Five entire weeks I’ll be locked up inside this house, yes I said house because it was just enormous walls elaborate décor and exquisite furniture, there was neither love for me nor concerns for my dreams. “Get to your room and don’t you dare think about leaving it….UNDERSTAND THAT!! Now get out of my sight!” I sped up the stairs, snapped the lock on my door as I slid down the door crying.

As I laid down in bed, my eyes, sore from crying I consoled myself that in life there are going to be challenges and I just have to be strong, so I turned to my right side and closed my eyes. Sleep quickly claimed my body as I fell into a deep slumber, and there he was penetrating my dreams those dark, mysterious and ever so sexified eyes stared at me. It all felt so real I could actually hear him calling my name ‘Alex! Alex!’  Instantly my sealed eyes sprung open and to my astonishment he was right in front of me. As I opened my mouth to scream the weight of his heavy muscular body pinned me down on my bed as he planted a forceful kiss on my lips. His lips so soft, I struggled to push him off me but all my attempts were futile.

His muscular and well toned arms held down my tiny arms, as much as I wanted to be freed a part of me wanted more, I could feel his tongue parting my lips as the kiss deepened and my  body betraying me as I opened my mouth. He roughly bit my lower lip and nibbled on it as he slowly entered his tongue inside my mouth, the warmth of our breaths as it mingled, I began feeling weird inside but it felt so good I couldn’t let go of his kiss. Seconds then became minutes of breathless kissing, my body started pushing up against him as he lowered himself onto me. The feeling of a man on top of me was magically, I was loving it as we both began releasing slight moans he then lifted his body up and started releasing me from his grasp, as his lips left mines we both began panting as if we had just ran a marathon.

“Who are??” I calmly breathed out. He gently caressed my face and brought his closer to mines as he whispered in my ears “I’m Brody Walker, I saw that man shoved you in his car and drove away, so I followed to make sure you were ok.”

“And by kissing me you ensured my safety right” I replied in the most sarcastic tone.

He lifted himself of my bed and pulled me into his arms “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it” as he swiftly planted a soft kiss on my plump lips while smirking at me. I thought to myself ‘smartass’. A s he released me he  said “I’m sorry for sneaking in but next time don’t leave you balcony door open….anyhow are you really going to let them keep you locked up for five weeks or are you coming with me?”  I stood there absolutely bewildered  but then the thought struck me ‘ Go Alex have some fun because in five weeks will be starting college…yea dad will be pissed but he will get over it….but wait you don’t know this guy….heck I don’t care I just need his help escaping’. I quickly ran to my desk and scribbled my note.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m going away with a friend for a while I’ll be back before college starts, I love you both

very much but I gotta live my life a little please don’t look for me.

Dad I know you will be mad but I’m no longer your five year old Alex, I’m 18

now and I wanna enjoy these couple of weeks before college .

Love Always Alex

I pulled open my closet and began stuffing clothes in a small suitcase I grabbed my wallet with all my cards, heck a girl needs money on trips like these I smiled at myself.  I stripped off my pajamas, pulled on a t-shirt, slipped into a pairs of black jeans and my converse and headed towards my balcony. We climbed down the ladder and made our way to jump the wall, I stumbled over some bushes but caught my balance. I flung my suitcase over the wall and we climbed over. The moment we made it into his van we sped off and I never looked back.

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