Chapter 14

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Winter is killing me, -18º (that would be -0.4º to the farenheiters) even though it is pretty, is just too cold for me. So in honor of my day off from work, a roaring fire and a hot cup of liquid, here's the next chapter. 

Thank you so much to everyone who keeps reading voting and commenting on my story. I really appreciate it!

Anders's pov

I'm exhausted. After Axel mindlinked us about the rogue attack yesterday, abruptly ending the celebration, I have been in my office. I've been talking to other Alphas trying to figure out whats going on. 10 rogues together, crossing a strong packs borders and attacking a member, that's unheard of. Rogues are not known to travel in groups, maybe 2 or 3, but 10? That could be considered a pack, but who the hell could make rogues organize? Those soulless creatures do not take orders, they thrive on chaos.

So I have been on the phone, trying to figure out whats going on. And the news is more than troubling, there doesn't seem to be a pattern. The attacks seem random, occurring in different parts of the country. If there's a pattern I can't see it. Many of the stronger packs have been attacked by rogues, but so have the smaller ones, it looks coincidental and they make no sense.

I have been plotting all the attacks into a map, and right now me, Carl and Axel are all staring at the screen.

"Could they be looking for something or someone?" Axel asks.

"Could be, some of the sightings didn't even end in an attack, it's like they were simply moving through a packs land not showing any interest in the land or the members," Carl interjects.

"How the hell was this not a bigger subject during the Alpha meeting?" I really can't understand that this has gone unnoticed for this long. "We talked about an increased threat from rogues, but nothing to indicate an organized attack. And this has to be organized by someone, rogues do not get together in numbers like this on their own."

"I just wish you hadn't ordered those two rogues to be killed, if they had been captured we could have interrogated them," Axel seems to get pissed at my words.

"I couldn't help it, they hurt my m.., a member of my pack. I may dislike that girl, but she is a part of the pack now." Luckily it seems Axel is warming up to the thought of having two tigers in the pack.

"For now all we can do is increase our security and our training, until we find out more about where this threat is coming from there is really no way of fighting back," I tell my second and third in command.

"Yes Alpha, I will make sure that there are no gaps in our lines," Carl answers

"I will amp up training, make sure everyone is as well trained as they can be," Axel answers.

"Let's keep this between us until further notice guys, I don't want to scare people when we have little to no details to give them." Panic serves no one, so I feel this is the best way to go about things.

"Yes, Alpha!" Both men answers.

I decide this is the perfect time to question my third a little, "So Axel, whats been going on with you? You seem to be having a problem keeping your wolf in check." He just gives me a look, but doesn't answer.

"Yeah, what the hell is going on with your temper? You lost control in the ring and almost killed poor Peter, what did he ever do to you?" Carl asks. "Did the female population dessert you while you were away? You seem like a man in need of a good lay."

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