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"This dress sucks."

is the first thing that leaves Laura Ramos' lips as she stares in the mirror.

"It's so beautiful!" Pilar says, confused as to why the youngest Ramos thinks it sucks.

"And you look even more beautiful in it," Vania says, adding to the conversation.

They were both telling the truth, and share a confused expression about the younger girl.

"Don't you guys know enough about me by now to know that Laura and dresses, or anything pretty for that matter, are not my thing?" Laura asks, glaring at the dress in the mirror. "How can anyone be comfortable in these? They itch, and I can't sit the way I want to in this."

Pilar laughs.

"The way you want to sit?" Vania asks, slightly confused by what she means.

"Like, I have to cross my legs just so and I can't slouch, and ugh! I wasn't meant for the royal life!" Laura exclaims.

As a knock hits the door to Laura's room, she scurries into her bathroom to prevent anyone else from seeing her.

Pilar shakes her head with a smile at Laura's reaction, but quickly answers the door.

"You're not my daughter," José Maria says, causing the older two to laugh.

"Just your daughters-in-law," Vania remarks, making him grin. "Where's Miriam?"

"Still in Italy with Stefan," he replies. "They'll return in a couple of days, but for now, Laura is my only daughter at home. So, where is she?"

"Oh, she ran when she heard a knock," Pilar says, clearly amused by her husband's sister.

"And the reason?" José asks, amused about what he's hearing.

"I think it's because she hates wearing dresses and she's wearing one right now," Vania says.

"Do you mind giving me a couple minutes with her?" José asks, needing to tell his daughter something very important.

The two older women head out, likely to attend to their husbands and children.

Pilar is married to Sergio, and together they have two sons: Sergio Junior who is 4 years old and Marco who is 2 years old.

Vania is married to René, and together they have one daughter: Daniela who is 7 years old.

Miriam, the second oldest Ramos just after René, is married to Stefan. She's in her seventh month of pregnancy.

"Mija," José says, sitting down on Laura's bed.

"I refuse to come out. I will not be seen in this tragedy of an outfit," the youngest Ramos says.

"Dresses are not that bad, Laura."

"They are when you're me!"

José lets out a chuckle; he knew his daughter hated them but it was necessary today.

"Laura Ana Sofía Ramos García, please come out here," he says. Laura knew she was in for it at that point; her dad hardly called her by her full name and now she was concerned.

She walks out of her bathroom, and her dad smiles at the sight of how beautiful she looks.

"Stop staring, Padre, you're making me uncomfortable," she says, unable to look at him.

"I need to tell you something very important because it's best you hear it from me, rather then finding out later," José says. Laura takes a seat next to him.

"Is this about your and King Joan's media appearance later?" she asks, and he nods his head. "It's okay, you can-."

"King José, it's time to go," a servant says, quickly entering and exiting the room.

"You can just tell me later, padre," Laura says, standing up and fixing her hair.

He couldn't. By later, she would know and she wouldn't like it. He had wasted too much time, and now he couldn't tell her himself. She would find out just like everyone else.


Laura, who had ridden with her dad to the building, steps out of the limo, immediately annoyed with the cameras flashing and everyone freaking out about the sight of the princess in a dress.

Her father, noticing her annoyance, links arms with her and walks into the building.

"My, my you look gorgeous, hermana," Sergio says, kissing his little sister's head. René nods in agreement, and Laura glares at the floor.

The Catalonian king approaches the bunch, and smiles as he sees the loving looks on their faces.

"Hola, José," he says, greeting his friend.

"Hola, Joan. Long time no see, my friend," José replies, shaking the man's hand.

"And hello to all of you," Joan says, waving at the rest of the family.

"I'll come make my rounds with your family," José says, walking away with him. "Did you tell him yet?"

"Nope. Did you tell her?"

"Ran out of time."

"We're screwed then."

"Oh, for sure."

José greets Joan's wife, then his eldest son and his wife, and finally his youngest son.

"Sir, the media is waiting," a servant says, making the two kings nod.

"Let's do this," Joan says, and the two walk outside to the balcony to speak.

Gerard and Marc Piqué approach the Ramos siblings, and exchange greetings with one another.

"Still single, Gerard?" Sergio asks, teasing him. The Catalan rolls his eyes, shaking his head as well.

"It's so hard to find any decent women in Catalonia," he replies.

"Look outside your kingdom then," René says as if he's completely stupid for not thinking of it himself.

"You look gorgeous, Laura," Alicia, Marc's wife, tells.

"Oh, um, thanks," Laura replies. She's awkward with compliments, especially when it comes to beauty.

"You're still a shorty, huh?" Gerard asks, smirking at her.

"Pardon me, but I'm done growing, and quite frankly, I'd rather than be short than a giant," she says, crossing her arms.

"Hush you two," Sergio says. "The conversation just turned very serious."

They all look at the tv.

"With things looking up for us taking over the kingdom of Madrid, we have decided we will name a king and queen to rule for when we take over," Joan says.

"And with my son, René, in-line for the Andalusian throne and King Piqué's son, Marc, in-line for the Catalonian throne, we need to a new, unmarried couple," José says.

"We need fresh faces, ones you wouldn't imagine ruling together," Joan says.

"And it will consist of my daughter Laura," José says.

"And my son, Gerard."

"What the hell?!"

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