Chapter 21 - Not my Sacrifice

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CC grinned, their knife glowing red. They ran swiftly around Horror, dodging any blows that came to him. Horror kept them coming, and CC dodged all of them by an inch. Red grinned, throwing his empty mustard bottle in front of CC, making him trip and land on his face again. Horror was about to strike him full in the head, but Dream ran in front of him and blocked it with one of Blue's overcooked, rock-hard tacos.
"Dream, what are you doing?!" Horror hissed.
"That's Cross' body! I won't let you destroy it!" Dream retorted.



A slash rang out clearly.
Dream cried out in pain.
It was an earsplitting, heartbreaking, time-stopping cry. The kind that breaks people. The kind that tears families apart.

The room fell silent.

All that was heard was shallow breathing.

Nightmare froze.

Even Killer winced.

CC reverted back into Cross, who let out a choking sound at the sight of Dream.
Blood leaked onto the floor from a knife wound across Dream's back.
Blue ran to him, the only moving thing in the still room.
Nightmare was still motionless.
Cross let out heart-wrenching sobs that sounded as though they were being ripped from his chest. They were full of regret and self-hate and sadness and shock and fear.
There was a dull 'thud' as Dream fell to the ground. With the sudden sound Nightmare snapped out of his frozen state. His eyes were full of horror and anguish. He rushed to Dream, taking him into his arms.
"D-Dream...." His voice was scarcely more than a whisper.
"B-Brother...." Dream's voice was thick with pain and it shook with emotion.
"Don't go, Dream." Nightmare's violet-tinted tears fell onto Dream's face, mixing with his golden-yellow ones. Despite the circumstances, Dream smiled, his star eyes starting to fade.
"I-I...... won't...." Dream whispered. "I won't.... I WON'T!"

*The power to hold on.

*The power to change everything.

*It fills him with DETERMINATION.


Hey bois
*when you originally plan for a character to die but you can't take the smol cinnamon roll's pain so you plan them an epic recovery*

Hey bois*when you originally plan for a character to die but you can't take the smol cinnamon roll's pain so you plan them an epic recovery*

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dream ur lucky you're a smol bean

Or you'd be d e a d

Alright, so on a more serious note
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I'll tell you what's happening in the next chapter

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