Chapter Eleven

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Malik laughed at my reaction, and then let go of me. I sat on the ground, but that didn't last long. Malik placed me on his lap again. I shot him a glare, and started getting up.

That didn't end well though. I was pulled back in his lap. I rolled my eyes at him, and slapped his chest. He chuckled, and then my phone rang. I grabbed my back, and then took the phone.

" Mom, " I read looking at Malik.

He nodded a little, so I went off his lap. He pulled me back down, and I glared at him.

" Won't you reply? " he asked playfully.

" How can I when I am on your lap? I need my personal bubble when replying or talking especially to mom. " I said and he rolled his eyes. He let go of me and I accepted her call.

" Brianna! Took you long enough. What's wrong with you?! " asked mum.

I looked at Malik nervously, and then said " Um... To be honest..... "

" Talk already. " mum said.

The best idea in the world knocked on my mind's door and I welcomed it with open arms.

" Sorry, mom! But my stomach hurt, and when I stopped I had to fix my make up. It takes long time to look perfect. " I replied mentally high-fiving my mind.

" Yeah, just come ahead!. The food is ready. " said mom.

I heard Alex's voice talking to her in the background. I couldn't hear what he said, but I heard my mother's reply. She said " Oh, you are right! "

After that, she asked me " Have you seen Leonardo or Kaiden? "

" Leonardo or Kaiden? " I said looking at Malik.

" No, I didn't meet Leonardo or Kaiden. " I replied nervously.

" No, she didn't, Alex. " replied mom.

" Okay, baby girl, just come quickly okay. And if you met any of them, get him with you. " ordered mom, and I agreed.

After that, she ended the call, and I looked at Malik. He looked back at me, and I sighed.

" We have to go. Food is ready. " I stated.

" Okay. " he grabbed a key, and opened the door.

We started walking somewhere. Of course, I knew nothing about it. I knew nothing about the whole place, so I just followed Malik. After some time, we stopped, and saw Leonardo standing.

" Hello! " I said with a smile.

" Hey, Brianna. " he replied returning my smile.

" I believe that we should be going. " said Malik earning a nod.

" Okay. Let's go! " said Leonardo.


" Thank you, Alex. The food was amazing. " said mom smiling.

I really needed to know what's between these two.

" You are welcome. " said Alex smiling at her.

" Am I the only one who is finding this as old flirting? " said Leo, and I laughed at him.

" Stone age flirting. " I said quietly.

Leo laughed, and then he said " Now, I have to know what is happening. Today is supposed to be the explaining day, right? "

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