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"are you guys having a gender reveal party"
natalia asked

"oh shit haven't even thought of that"
dacre said looking at isabella

"you really are growin up"
isabella said sarcastically patting dacre's shoulder

"thanks babe"
dacre laughed shaking his head

joe asked with a yell

natalia yelled as well

"go ahead i'll just chill here"
isabella said putting her hands behind her head laying her head on dacre's laugh

dacre smiled putting a hand on her belly

"so pure"
natalia cried putting her head on joe's shoulder

"oh whatever"
isabella laughed

david yelled walking in the house with groceries

isabella yelled

"i brought you food"
david smiled

"do i need to be pregnant for you to bring me food"
joe asked

david replied

"you brought her food way before she was pregnant"
natalia glared

"nobody asked you"
david replied

"ooo shade"
isabella laughed

"here you go bella"
david smiled handing her some food

"the only person i claim is david now"
isabella laughed

"why is he so nice to her"
joe glared

"i've been asking myself that for about a year now"
natalia replied

"you two sound like jealous siblings"
dacre said

"he's right you two shut the hell up"
david said

"now you sound like a dad"
isabella said cracking up

"wow it's beautiful you guys"
isabella complimented with a smile

"thanks bitch"
joe smiled

"language joseph"
joan said walking up to the others

"joan you cuss all the time"
joe laughed

"and i don't want you following in my footsteps"
joan smiled

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