A/N: This story was basically told by one of my friends. I revised the version, translated it to english, added a little twist and made it a poem. So, the idea was his, but the story is mine :DD But don't worry, he knows i used this :) So, enjoy reading ! Whew! I made this in 2 hours. 


It was a stormy night

Then she was born

The father smiled

The mother– torn.

For the child did not cry

They thought it was dead

Then it screamed and yelled

Their hearts had leapt

Screaming and yelling

As though howling in pain

It continued to shout

Until it reached their brains

‘Hush!’ the mother said

And carried her in loving arms

She smiled and laughed

And then she slept

The child grew up

With long black hair

And lips so red

Dark eyes to stare

The mother loved her

The father cared

‘My child, my child!’

‘You’re mine!” he smiled.

They named her Stella

For all I care

She grew up

With no friends there

One problem is

Yes I know

Every child she’s with

Gets hurt or sore

With scratches and cuts

All over them

Then parents would ask

‘Who is it, then?’

Then they point her

That poor lil’ girl

And all Stella could do

Is shake her head

‘It’s not me, no!’

She would reply

‘Yes it is!’

Other children would lie

Stella went home

With tears in her eyes

And loving mother sang

A dear, sweet, lullaby

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