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"Skie I need you to cover that table" Mrs. Debra says as she pointed to the table full of jocks. I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my pen and book and walked over to take there order.

"Welcome what can I start you guys off to drink"

I smiled a fake smile as they all started laughing and nudging each others shoulders.

"We will have you for lunch please" I rolled my eyes and walked over handing the order to my bestfriend michy.

Here let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm skie I'm 19 years old and I'm a senior in high school. I work at a local diner in my home town to make a little extra money. My parents passed away a couple of years ago so me and michy have been living in an apartment together, that's why I have to work so much to pay the bills.

I threw my long blonde hair up in a pony tail as I sat down going through the news paper to find another job. Theirs no way in hell I will keep working here. Michy loves it, but I hate it. I deal with assholes every-day and they always tend to pick on me. I have a crush on one of them tho. He doesn't pick on me, but he does laugh and allow them to. His name is Shawn. We text a few times but most of the time he ignores me because he's embarrassed to talk to me in front of his cocky friends.

I scrunch my eye brows as I scan the page looking for some jobs when I see a baby-sitting job for a 3 year old. Iv never done the whole baby sit thing but I'm sure it couldn't be that bad right? 

I dialed the number on the paper and waited for someone to pick up. Soon I hear a sweet voice come on the phone and I smile.

"Hello this is the Dolan residents, can I help you? "

Wow fancy.

"Yes my name is skie and I saw where you were needing a babysitter" I tried to be as proper to impress them but I failed miserably.

"Yes,yes yes, we would love to interview you, when are you free? " she asked sounding slightly excited.

"I'm actually free in an hour, is that okay? "

"Yes, perfect, the address is (blah) see you then" she says as she hangs up.

I headed to the back of the dinner and took off my work outfit and changed into some sweats as I walked out getting in my jeep and heading home.

I pulled up making my way to my apartment so I could get ready, I wanted to dress to impress. Somewhat anyways.

I took a fast shower then curled the ends of my hair and did some make-up. I went to my closet and decided on a nice romper with some nude heels.

Once I was satisfied about my look I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my purse and headed to my new job

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Once I was satisfied about my look I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my purse and headed to my new job. Well hopefully my new job anyway.


I pulled up to this gate and a security man stopped me, I told him who I was and he let me through. As I made my way up the long driveway my mouth hit my lap at the huge mansion before me. It was beyond beautiful. Flowers were everywhere and nice vehicles were parked. They had to be loaded.

My palms were starting to sweat and I began to get super nervous.

What if the kid don't like me?  What if they find me wierd or gross?

I made my way to the huge double doors and they immediately opened as a beautiful brunette women stood there with a smile on her face.

She had bright red lipstick on, as her hair curled down perfectly fitting her face, she wore a beautiful black dress with heels and her skin was glowing.

"Hello you must be skie, I'm Mrs. Dolan, the mom, but you can call me lora" she held out her hand with her perfectly done nails for me to shake.

"Hi, Mr. Do- lora" I reached out shaking her hand and I felt so embarrassed due to the fact my hands were sweaty.

what a great first impression skie.

"Come I'll show you around, Lucas and his dad went out for the day but they will be back soon, he's a very shy boy at first but he will come around. Me and my husband work a lot and I go out of town every week and it's hard for my husband to watch him alone so we desperately needed a sitter" she says walking up the stairs as her heels clicked over and over.

I followed behind her like a lost puppy as she showed me around the huge house. Yes they were definitely loaded. Apparently there both business owners and own several high dollar companies, they are married and they met through there parents, they have one 3 year old son Lucas who I hope to get to babysit. She goes out of town every week to run her business in another state, and her husband stays to run his here. Sounds like the usual rich family's.

"So what do you think, also we will pay you 800 a week" she finishes as she stood there crossing her arms waiting for my reply.

"It's great, sounds great I mean"

"Great, can you start tomorrow?"

800 a week. That's two times what I make now, and they have a huge pool ? Uh yeah.

"Yes mam, I'll be here at 7 sharp" I say popping the p. She smiles as her head snaps towards the front door and it opens revealing a little boy. He ran towards her and jumped in her arms.

"Lucas, this is skie, skie this is Lucas, she will be your new babysitter" lora says. He smiles big and jumps down as he walked over holding his hand out to me. I Bent down shaking his little hand. He was so cute.

"Hi Lucas, I have a feeling were gonna be bestfriends"

He smiles and jumps up in excitment as the front door shuts making me look over. My jaw about falls to the floor for the second time today as the most beautiful man stood before me. He had the perfect brown hair that Swift up just right, I could see his Hazel eyes shinning across the room, he was wearing a tight fitting suit that hugged him just right, and his jawline was to die for, like how is he even real?

I snapped myself out of it as I realized him making his way towards me.

"Hi I'm skie, the new babysitter" I tried not to just throw up at how nervous I suddenly got. He was so intimidating. He looked at me up and down and a smirk grew on his face.

"Hello skie, nice to meet you, I'm Grayson, grayson Dolan".

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