1. Eating a Rotten Egg Causes One to be a Princess

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1. Eating a Rotten Egg Causes One to be a Princess

"Qing Xiaolin, I hope you suffer a fate worse than death!" Yu Zhenzhen screamed loudly without a care for her reputation. "I hope you rot in the deepest depths of the underworld! I hope-" She wasn't given the chance to finish her cursing as Nangong Longwei embedded a sharp sword deep inside of her chest.

Yu Zhenzhen spat out blood and gave him a tear-stricken look, "Why? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE HER? I have loved you for so long!" Her aggression caused her to spit more blood, but her fuming heart didn't allow her to pay attention.

"Yu Zhenzhen, you disgust me. It will never be you... you could never compare to her." Nangong Longwei hissed coldly. Yu Zhenzhen burst out laughing maniacally, "Bastard! Bengong's worst mistake was falling in love with you! Hear my call, I, Princess Yu Zhenzhen will be back. Even if I have to crawl my way from the underworld, I will be back. And at that time, this princess will not be as foolish!"

Her father, her mother, her entire family died all because of her selfishness. They all were willing to commit the worst acts to help her get rid of the girl who stole the man she loved. And what did all their behavior lead to? Their deaths. She was currently the last royal that had her eyes open... Regret filled her heart as more blood puddles around her.

Everyone snorted as the bully princess finally fell to the floor and closed her eyes. For years, they had to endure her tyrannical ways, but no more. The princess was dead! "The princess is dead!" Someone happily, loudly chimed. Happy echoes followed. Qing Xiaolin looked at the girl on the ground and started randomly sobbing. Nangong Longwei wiped away her tears and gently asked, "What's wrong?"

"I feel bad for her. She truly is pitiful..." Qing Xiaolin cried emotionally. Even she didn't know why she was so emotional."If I may, can I check young lady's pulse?" Someone from the crowd offered.

An elderly man walked forward as Nangong Longwei nodded. A few minutes later, the old man smiled joyfully. "The lady is pregnant. Long live our new emperor and empress! Long live the future crown prince!" Though they tumbled into bed before marriage, Nangong Longwei didn't care. He picked Qing Xiaolin and spun her around with a smile, "Let's live our lives together without any more trouble, my empress."

Qing Xiaolin giggled and wrapped her arms around the love of her life and kissed him, despite the eyes around them. Fortunately, nobody cared as they watched the beautiful couple embrace.

For years and years, Nangong Longwei and Qing Xiaolin lived happily ever after with their children.


Zheng Mimi choked, "What!? Did it end? I'm going to miss it so much! The Overwhelming Lord's Sweet Consort was such a good book!" She sighed, "I hated that it ended so soon..." She exited out of the novel and frowned, "Time to look for another web novel. Hopefully, this time the second female lead isn't as horrible as the Yu Zhenzhen. Goodness! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Zheng Mimi's phone started ringing with a call from her mother. She picked it up and cringed. "Young lady, where are you? It is currently a quarter to eight and yet you still aren't home! Your work ended thirty minutes ago!" Her mother's loud voice nagged. "I'm still in at the restaurant. I just finished with all my work and I'll be home soon."

Despite being in her early twenties, her parents still insisted for her to live with them until she married. But Zheng Mimi didn't plan on getting married as no guy had truly made her heart 'beat'.

She squinted her eyes and saw a random egg on the spotless counter. "I thought I already cleaned everything? Huh."

Her stomach chose that exact moment to growl loudly. She blushed, thankful that no one was there except for her. Zheng Mimi shrugged and took out a frying pan, using the egg to make herself a light snack until she got home.

The moment she took a bite and swallowed, she started coughing. "Ew! It was a rotten egg! Seriously? It looks so normal and then you get the horrible taste."

Suddenly, Zheng Mimi started to feel dizzy as the world around her seemed like it was spinning. She fluttered her eyes and started groaning. She heard frantic yelling from a young girl with two adorable space buns wrapped in ribbon.

Her eyes were full of tears, "Princess! Nubi has been a bad servant. Nubi failed to get a physician in time before you fainted. Forgive this servant!" Zheng Mimi wiped her groggy eyes and mumbled, "Who are you?" The girl widened her eyes, "Princess, do you not recognize this servant?"

Zheng Mimi shook her head and the girl frantically yelled out, "Imperial physician, imperial physician! Something is wrong with the princess!"


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