Chapter 1

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"I didn't want to go to war."

Laughter rang across the tavern, the fire cackled in the hearth, and a drink after another was, poured, passed, and drank. The tavern itself was quite small, but pleasant. A comfortable atmosphere created by the lanterns that cast warm orange lights throughout the establishment.

An old man was wiping down the bar with a rag, hearing the pleasant conversations ring through his place of business. He gave out a low chuckle when a joke was said, he'd have to tell his daughter that one later. "Mr, Louder" says a man almost as old has him, his face was slightly red, from the rum in his hand. His blue eyes showing merriment. "How's that daughter I've heard so much about? I'm surprised she isn't here with you" he says, taking another sip of his rum. Ryan Louder chuckles thinking about his daughter, Eurielle.

"She's a firecracker I tell you that" he laughs.

The other men at the bar chuckle as well. "Pray to the gods she doesn't cause any trouble" he declared laughing loudly. Ryan, only gave the man a shrug "she takes to much after her mother, that girl. The woman was spitting fire until the very end" he recalled, his mind wandering from his daughter to his late wife, who had died of sickness a year prior.

He chuckled remembering that no shit taking, attitude of hers. Which she held on to even on her death bed. Cursing those that speak badly of her after she died, hoping they'd grow mushrooms on their arses. That comment, now that comment was one he'd never forget. It sent the whole room of mourners into loud heavy laughter. Ryan's shoulders visibly sagged, grief over taking his old bones, he missed his wife dearly. Her dark hair, and beautiful blue eyes. He knew he'd never remarry, that woman was truly the only one for him.

The door to the tavern opens revealing the topic of the men's earlier conversation. Ryan Louder's only daughter, Eurielle. She wore a grey dress beneath her grey cloak, one her mother had passed down to her. On one of her thin arms she held a basket of vegetables and her lantern in the other. One could never leave their home without their lantern. It was unheard of really. The area their village was located in, was known as 'The Forest of The Mist.' Their village would always be shrouded in constant fog, and the sky was always cloudy. On rare days could they ever see the blue sky, and the sun. Usually the locals carried lanterns and the roads are always lit up to know their way around.

Eurielle removed her hood, her long black hair tumbling down to her waist, pulled back by a royal blue ribbon, a last gift from her mother. There was only one word anyone would describe her upon laying eyes on her; beautiful. With large silver eyes, a small sharp nose, and sharp dainty jaw, her hands small and girlish, but pack quite the punch. Of course Ryan knew his daughter wasn't just beautiful, the girl was infuriatingly clever, and had the sharpest tongue he'd ever heard. All that she inherited from her mother. The only thing she ever got from him, was the color of his eyes.

Eurielle walks behind the bar, setting the basket down, and hanging her lantern on a hook along with her cloak.

"Father" she chirps placing a kiss on his cheek. Ryan gives her a warm smile remembering his wife doing the same. She ties an apron around her waist, and gets to serving and taking orders.

Not even five minutes had passed, and a young man who had to much to drink was passed out on the floor, blood oozing down his face, from his nose. Eurielle sighed motioning to the regulars who sat in a corner laughing. "Take him away, boys. I really shouldn't have to do this on a daily bases" she says. As they haul the unconscious male up, and drag him out. Still chuckling, Eurielle had a soft and light voice, pleasant to listen to. Unless there were profanities being spewed from her mouth.  Those who had yet to know Eurielle personally would always describe her as 'petite' and 'frail' Ryan Louder, and his regulars would always beg to differ.

Eurielle, took a deep breath, and fixed her hair. Then went to cleaning the table the young man had been sitting at. Seemed he was drinking away a broken heart, since he had mistaken her for someone else. However drunk or not he still shouldn't have slapped her bottom. That type of behavior she did not push aside, no matter what excuse was presented to her. Men can be such barbarians! She thought, growing irritated at the thought. She brings the numerous empty mugs back the bar for a nice cleaning. Her father, looks at her a smile hinting beneath his think beard. "What is it father?" She asks chuckling.

"I could've done it myself, Ella" he protested, although still smiling. Eurielle sighed at the old nickname she's had since she was seven summers. "I don't think that old leg of yours would let you do anything but tend to the bar, Father" she replies gesturing to her fathers peg leg.

He had lost it during the civil war 10 years ago, due to an explosive mishap blowing his left leg off. Although he can walk almost perfectly, with the help of his peg leg. He does have a small limp, it can get worse depending on how long he walks, or the distance to a location. Which is why Eurielle is the one who cleans, and takes orders. As well as go to the market place to get ingredients for the taverns food. "Well, yes..." her old father sighs, "I suppose you're right, my daughter." Eurielle offers her father a small smile, one he returns.

The door suddenly bursts open, letting the chill from the outside creep in. A soldier is standing in the doorway, tall, and proud. Too proud. Eurielle thought.

He held up a paper for all to see. it was too far for her to see, but she could clearly see the title in large bold letters. Just reading it only made her heart stop.

Draft Recruitment.

"This isn't real.." she murmured, dropping the mugs she was holding. They crash on to the floor, shattering into pieces before her feet. The crash caused some heads to turn, but most kept their eyes on the soldier. Who was now speaking, "All men, young or old here, who are of age, are asked to sign up for the draft into the military. Come help defend the mother land!" He shouted. Eurielle, just couldn't believe it. The men around her murmur, then all stand up, exiting one by one, through the door. Even her father.

Eurielle couldn't help it. She spoke before she can think. "You can't do this!" She screams.

The room falls silent. The remaining men turning to look at her with pity in their eyes. The soldier looked at her furrowing his brows. "How dare you speak woman!" He sneered. Eurielle, clenches her fists, preparing to strike the man who had spoken to her that way. When a hand lays on her shoulder.

"Father" she breathes, turning to meet his silver eyes. He shook his head, limping to the door, to head out to their home where he will gather his things, and be off with everyone else, to the military. "Father you can't go! Your leg!" She protested. Grabbing his shoulder, "Be quiet woman!" The soldier shoved her away from her father. Making her trip on her dress, and fall on the floor.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on her daughter!" Shouts her father, making a move to hit the man, but is to slow due to his leg. The soldier grabs his arm, and twists it behind his back. Ryan let out a pained cry, but the soldier did not let go of him. Eurielle cried out for her father.

In a blur, Eurielle unsheathed the soldiers dagger which he kept strapped to his waist. She holds the tip to his throat, by now tears were running down her face, but her furry had overtaken any fear she had.

Eurielle swallowed her saliva. "Don't touch my father, don't you dare lay a finger on me, and get the hell out of here. Before I make you eat metal" she threatened. The soldier, grumbled something under his breath. Then slowly let go of the old man, and backed away from the young girl, who held his own dagger to his throat. How could I have been bested by a lowly woman?! He thinks as soon as he's out the door, it slams shut, and he could hear it lock.

"I swear, if I could I'd make her pay for this" he growled, and walked away from the tavern. All the while thinking of all the ways he could've put that stupid girl in her place.

Had the captain not been in the corner, watching him, and the girl in amusement.

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