Chapter 1

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  A cold wind whipped across Ava's bare face as she walked quickly to a nearby corner store, only two blocks down from her house. Nine O clock at night.

Ava and her sick grandmother was low on groceries once again and Ava only had twenty-five dollars left from a check she recently received at Popeyes. She knew that twenty five dollars wasn't going to do them both any justice, but she just needed to get something that was going to fill up their stomach for tonight.

The streets of Bronx, NewYork was live as she walked, dressed in black tights and a small olive green Aeropostale zip up jacket. Groups of Drug dealers lined the side walks, along with fast ass girls and young boys. There was really bad traffic and several people walking from one place to another.

Ava felt uncomfortable. She was afraid that somebody might snatch her up, or try to fight her. Especially after hearing what happened to a mutual friend of hers, named Taji [ Tah-Gee].

Word around town was, Taji was walking alone and some random dudes came and snatched her up. Rumor say that she was allegedly raped and hospitalized, others say that she was robbed and hospitalized after she got jumped.

Either way, Ava was damn sure not trying to be a victim.

Once Ava reached her destination, she opened the door to the local Dollar General and walked in instantly, grabbing a small buggy to put her items in.

"Hey, do you need help finding something ma'am?" A white lady asked looking at Ava as she searched for bread.

"I'm fine, thanks." Ava quickly answered. She looked around some more, and found a good loaf of bread, cereal and Ramen noodles all in the same isle.

Before going to the cash register, Ava hurriedly grabbed Mac & cheese, Chicken to bake and green beans.

"Did you find everything okay?" The male cash register asked, ringing up the items.

"Yes," Ava hoped that the total would be in her price range.

"Okay, $23.92 is your total."

Thank god, Ava thought pulling the change out her jacket pockets. She handed the man the money and grabbed the three bags of food, not caring about the receipt or the left over change.

The walk back home was most definitely a struggle for Ava but she pulled through.

When she reached her house, she unlocked the door with her key and walked into her warm home. "I got some thing to cook Grandma." She mumbled locking the door behind her and walking into the kitchen.

Her grandmother, Sam sat on the couch with a blanket watching none other than her favorite show, Martin on BET.

As Ava unpacked the food, her grandmother watched curiously. "What you got, hun?" Her scratchy voice asked.

She was totally unaware of the fact that they didn't have any food in the house.

All seventy year old Sam did was lay on the couch all day, take her meds and sleep. Ava was basically the adult around the house, since her grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer and could barely move.

She wasn't disabled, she just had a hard time doing certain things like: taking a bath, cooking and other stuff to that sort.

Ava knew that she couldn't take care of her grandmother without any help, but she wasn't settling with letting Sam go to an nursing home. She felt as if they would treat her worse. Plus, if her grandmother leave, she'll have to attend foster care.

Ava had never thought about things like this until now. She had always been in a good house hold, because of her dad. He passed away when she was only twelve years old, five years ago.

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