07 | CODE 19

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"What do you mean you mean one of them is sick?" whined Hoskins from outside the arena. "I've got an Ingen operation headed to this island as we speak. I need all four of those animals bolted in those metal thingos in the next hour."

"They're out of action for today Hoskins, deal with it," I snarled, heading back inside the arena.

After Alex had brought Delta's leg to my attention, I had all four of them in their separate pens. I had Barry, Owen's favourite on our squad, on babysitting duty.

"Unbelievable," Hoskins said to himself, pulling out a satellite phone and begun punching in a number.

"Want me to take this one?" Barry asked me, gesturing towards the gate. "Please," I said desperately. I let out a breath of relief as the tall African man walked away.

Owen had been missing all morning. Regrettably, we'd tried getting in contact with Claire's management who had been absolutely no use. Owen never carried his monitor which made him a pain in the ass to find if he went off on other errands.

"That Hoskins guy sounds like a real dick," said Alex. I shook my head in frustration. "He's always been like this," I told him.

We'd spent the remainder of the morning hiding away in the arena doing unnecessary chores like cleaning buckets and refilling the bark. I didn't want to be anywhere near Hoskins or his team that were arriving today.

"If he's such an ass, why don't you just fire him?" he asked, dunking a rag into a bucket of soapy water. "Hoskins is the representative for a company that owns our program."

Alex looked confused. "I thought Masrani owned all of this?"

I emptied out a packet of bark onto the arena floor. "He pays for Ingen to run all of this for him," I grimaced.

"So you basically work for him?" I nodded. "Technically, yes."

"So he's always been around?" he asked. "I wouldn't remember," I answered honestly. "I was pretty young when the raptors were born. I barely even remember coming to the island."

"So have you left since you got here?"

I shook my head.

He looked as though he wanted to ask me another question, but stopped himself. I knew what he'd wanted to ask.

"And yes, I have thought about leaving to go back and live normally," I added quietly. Alex gave me a small look of sympathy before we returned to our cleaning in silence. I threw an empty bag of bark chips aside, swiping at the sweat beads that had collected on my forehead.

"So, what do you wanna do today?" I asked, changing the subject.

Before Alex could respond, shouts rang out from the front of the arena, the boys above us splitting up and jogging in all directions. Almost immediately, I could hear quad bikes roaring to life and tearing off down the road. "What the hell?" I dropped the bag of bark I was emptying and striding towards the gate, Alex quickly following.

"Hey, what's going on up there?!" I shouted up at the boys frantically hurrying about. No one answered me.

"- they need us to send a few guys!" shouted Barry to some of the boys above the arena. "CODE 19! CODE 19!" I stopped in my tracks. Barry made his way over to us to pick up his walkie talkie.

"Wait wait wait, what's a code 19?" asked Alex. Barry turned to him, a mixture of anger and disappointment clouding his expression. "Asset out of containment," he said. "These people... they never learn." He shook his head and jogged off for his quad.

"Where's Owen?" I shouted, but he was out of hearing range. "Shit," I hissed to myself. Thinking fast, I grabbed two walkie-talkies, chucking one at Alex. "What does he mean asset out of containment?" he asked, his eyes widened with uncertainty. I faced him.

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