100 Chapters

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I think nobody understood what I was saying in the last chapter.

Celebrating 100 chapters and random crap and 2018. I want to give you all something special. It is now your chance to request something from me (you have to decide together). 

You can request a chapter from me but it's not worth it. Use those requests when I open my request box again.

(To those who requested in my previous ((deleted)) chapter, I will try and write them because I'm out of ideas at the moment.)

What I was trying to say it you can get me to do anything. For example draw AssClass Characters. Many of you requested a chapter which is fine but I can't give everybody something.

If you could decide together, I'm not sure what to do. I hope this chapter makes sense if it doesn't Private Message me or comment down.

Sorry for the confusion!

- Kuurochii

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