~*Chapter 4*~

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Aphmau's POV

"Please Jess. I love you. You know that. Please. Tell me where Mom is," Jason pleaded.

"Jason," I looked away, "Mom didn't like being super pampered. You know that."

Jason slammed the dashboard. We were sitting in the van, in a driveway, Adam had to go get something at his house. I think it's the a suitcase of dresses of mine. Jason trusts Adam like a brother. Jason got custody of my stuff. Most he kept there. In my room. But he took some of my dresses for safe keeping.

Jason turned away.

"Jason..." I whispered, looked down.

Aaron's POV

"Okay.... got it!" Lucinda announced.

The small crystal ball showed Aph and that guy... Jason.

"Please Jess. I love you. You know that. Please. Tell me where Mom is," the guy pleaded with her.

"Jason," she looked away, "Mom didn't like being pampered. You know that."

He slammed the dashboard. They were in a driveway outside of a house.

Jason turned away.

"Jason..." Aph whispered, as she looked down.

She slid her arms, which were behind her back, over her head to the front of her body.

My eyes grew wide with shock. He'd tied her hands!

I felt anger creeping up on me. I took a deep breathe, and controlled IT.

"Please Jason. The ropes are rubbing on my wrists. I know you're not a monster."

"How can you tell?" He asked quietly.

"You're my brother. I know that there's too much good in you for that."

"Please promise me something...."


"Don't run away again."

She sighed.

"No..." I whispered.

"Don't say it girl," Lucinda said.

"I... I won't run away again," She promised.

Jason smiled, and untied her hands.

She leapt on him, hugging him.

"I love you Jason. I love you guys. Being a princess.... is hard. But for you. For Dad. Adam. Jin.

Ross. Max. Barney. Red. I'll do it. I'll stay."

Suddenly a boy with brown hair jumped into the car with a whole bunch of others. I think that's Sky....

He smiled at Aph.

She threw herself into the back of the van, and buckled in.

Everyone in the back yelled, "THE SKY ARMY IS BACK BABY!"

And they drove off.

The image ended.

Katelyn slammed her fist on the table, fell on her knees, put her face in her hands.

Everything was silent.

Katelyn screamed.

And then great sobs erupted from Katelyn.

Dante, Travis, Laurence (hey, his name is no longer underlined), and Garroth huddled together, heads bowed, whispering. 

Zane was in the corner, staring at the floor, tears in his eyes, but not flowing down his face.

Kawaii~Chan and Lucinda were comforting Katelyn, both girls wiping their own eyes at the same time.

Nicole was next to Katelyn on the floor, silently shaking, hugging her.

I slammed my fist on the table, and threw open the door.

Everyone looked at me.

"You can all cry here. I'm going to find Aph. Who's with me?"

Katelyn stood up still shaking, tears streaked on her face. She had a determined look in her eyes. Nicole stood up next to her.

"Nicole and I are in," she said.

Zane looked me straight in the eyes, "I know we don't agree on much. But we both love her. Let's go."

The boys broke their huddle group.

"Let's go get Aphmau!" Dante yelled.

"Well, we're wasting time here," Lucinda said.

"Aphmau~Senpai..... Jess~Senpai. Let's do it!" Kawaii~Chan yelled.

"Kawaii~Chan... why is she Jess~Senpai?" Katelyn asked.

"Because Kawaii~Chan knows that Aphmau~Senpai is the same person as Jess~Senpai," she then mumbled quietly just so only my wolf- I mean human- ears could hear, "Jess knew my secret. I knew hers before this."


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