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December 25, 2017 (Christmas Day) V LIVE before concert kicks off

[Announcer: We will start today with a V LIVE, so sit tight and look at the three big screens]

[Announcer: We will start today with a V LIVE, so sit tight and look at the three big screens]

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[Chen and Aeon show up as soon as the V LIVE starts]

Chen: Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun I'm Chen the host of this year's MonsterVerse with my partner in crime...

Aeon: The one and only Aeon of Crescent~

Chen: We're gonna wait till people start-

Aeon: Coming in? Because we currently have 1,023,589 viewers right now!

Chen: Well thanks for letting me finish you guys haha! Anyways welcome back to MonsterVerse 2017 we're going to kick off today's concert with an early V LIVE to give a better experience to fans who are wondering what's happening behind the scenes!

Aeon: We would like to wish everyone who are at home watching us live on pay per view and VLIVE+ enjoying the warmth and love of their family a very Merry Christmas! 

Chen: Yes all of us here at the Seoul World Cup Stadium wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We're going to head out to go see today's lineup because we had a few extra artists from Mystar Entertainment join us today!

Aeon: The more the merrier right oppa?

Chen: That's right Aeon-ssi we're going to see the group that'll open up tonight's concert, Gryphon! 

[The sound of a door opening can be heard clearly from the VLIVE, the camera turns to Gryphon]

Gryphon: Guarding your heart! Annyeonghaseyo we're Gryphon!!

Chen: Wahh so cool! I wish I was in a group like you guys!

Tsu: You're our 7th member Chen hyung! 

Wei Yang: Chen hyung is our secret member kekeke~

Chen: Aww thanks you guys! So my partner in crime and I are on a quest to interview the artists joining us today for MonsterVerse, we were wondering if we could interview Skull in particular.

Aeon: Yes and we heard Gryphon is going to make their comeback in 2018 too right? We're all looking forward to it!

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