Mikey x reader ~Its Christmas!~

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I woke up and jumped out of bed as fast as I could falling off the side and hitting my head on the floor. "Ouch" I rub my head but I quickly recover and bounce up and look at the calendar. "ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!" I scream out to nobody as I zoom down stairs and run straight to the Christmas tree. My eyes lit up with joy as I see all the presents littered all over the floor. There was normal wrapping paper on most but four bright coloured presents stood out more. Blue, Red, Purple, and Orange. I knew straight away that these presents were from the turtles and decided to open them last, ya know best till last. I open one of the presents and find a new set of watercolour paints, the best quality it also came with a sketch pad, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, paint brushes, a paint palette to mix colours and an instruction book. "Omg! I always wanted watercolour paints!" I open all the other presents which mainly just had clothes, Xbox games, headphones, and jewelry. I finally get to the select four. I decided to open blue first. Inside was a few framed pictures of the turtles and me smiling, there was also one with mine and Mikey's first kiss. The frame littered with F/C and orange hearts, at the bottom it had a little note from Leo which just said thanks for bringing so much joy into the lair. P.s you even make raph smile ;). I giggle at the last bit and start to open Raphs present inside was a limited edition F/C " I cannot believe raph got this comic! Its like soooo rare!!" The note inside raphs said, Here ya go squirt I know you always wanted it. Please do not ask how I got it because that is classified info. "Oh gosh I wonder how he got it they are not even in stores yet." I open purple next it had a beautiful charm bracelet with little turtles on it with little  gemstones of the turtles mask colours inside the shells of the little turtles. It also had their names on separate charms also with Mikey's having a heart over the i. I open up the last present and gasp as a tiny little husky pops its head out with an orange coloured collar and from Mikey embroidered on the side of the collar. I start crying tears of joy as it licks my face I read the letter wiping my tears. Heeey Princess I know you've always wanted a dog and I found you one almost as cute as me! Anyway I luv you with all my heart and hope you have a merry christmas! BOOYAKASHA!! ~Mikey out~. I jump up with the puppy in my arms and throw on my sweater and race down to the nearest manhole exit. I lift it up one handed with the puppy in the other and jump down flexing my non-existent muscles. I start running towards the lair and as I enter I notice Mikey cooking something in the kitchen, I gently place the puppy down and run up and hug Mikey's shell as tight as I can. Mikey doesn't even flinch "Hey Angel Cakes did ya like my present?" He asks "Of course I did!" I exclaim jumping off of his shell and running up to the puppy and picking it up. Mikey finishes cooking and places steaming hot cookies on the table and walks up to me with a goofy smile on his face, I look at him suspiciously and look up to see mistletoe I giggle and put the puppy down and run up and kiss Mikey I wrap my legs around his plastron as he holds me up. The kiss was perfect until the guys had to take photos and forgot to turn the flash off. The rest of the day was full of gift giving, laughing, teasing me and Mikey, eating, and having fun.            

I'm soooo sorry for not updating guys I have been ultra busy and not been able to make time for wattpad writing so I'm going to try to update everyday for you guys!! I wish you all a merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. See you guys in the next chappie! Bye my little ninjas!

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