Chapter Twelve: Shinagora

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A/n: Im sorry guys! Things have been really hectic and I've been really busy from school work or family issues. I hope you guys can forgive me!😫

Jessie's pov~

I nearly fell out of the chair I was sitting in. "Your a shinagora. The most sacred creature known to the supernatural world. Beings like you only show up when something bad in the realms have happened or is happening." Cara explained.

"W-wha? Why me though?" I asked confused on so many levels that I'd be classified as a retard.
"I must say that there has never been a shinagora that was born from the moon goddess must be the first one in history. All of the other shinagora have been born in different realms and gifted with the abilities by the fates or the moon goddess...never has there ever been one were the person with this power was born from a god or goddess..." Shane stated with his eyes closed.

"Wow! So that means that you are a goddess too! Or maybe celestial...considering the fact that you were born on earth and not in the realm where the gods are. That's a even higher realm than this one....and this place is considered heaven!!" Dean exclaimed with a sparkle in his dark teal eyes.

"Your right Dean she is a celestial. She would have only been a goddess if she were born in the gods realm." Cara thought aloud. "S-so wait...I'm considered a celestial because of me being born from the moon goddess? And I'm the first in shinagora history to be born from one of the gods/goddesses? What kind of power do i posses??" I asked uncertain with myself.

"Yes, yes and you have a variety of powers. Seeing as your hold every power of all the supernatural beings...which consists of the Elementals, witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, banshees, shadow people, shape shifters, and sirens... You have the powers of all these beings." Shane answered. He had a stoic facial expression, his eyes half lidded.

"We want to get started on your powers as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. So we can't play around." Kia said with a straight face.

"Alright. Now this may seem sudden but we are a going to teach you about the Elements first." the queen said. "Are we going to fast for your liking? We could wait till tomorrow??" Dean said with a worried gleam in his eyes. "No I'm fine. You should teach me before the day is over as we don't have a lot of time on our hands..." I said in a reassuring tone.

"Okay .... So the first element is water, blue; which means health, tranquility and healing. Water is a never ending natural  source. Water can bring a person peace and understanding. But can also bring you unsettlement and unrastionized thinking." Katie explained. Funny how she is wearing blue and explaining the meaning of it too.

"The next color is green; which means calming, peaceful, reassurance, life and growth. Green is the color of nature; earth. And nature can calm an angered person down in a heart beat. Its peaceful to let you think things through. The earth is a living natural source. It gives life and growth to everything in it." Cara was looking at Shane when she explained what green meant. Like she was teaching him also.

"Now its red; which is anger, and hostility, passion, controlling and destruction. Red is the color of a burning flame weather it be passion or anger, fire is a source that is almost uncontrollable. Its a natural force of nature that can only possibly be controlled by water. Fire melts the most solid ices. Its also destroys everything in its path. But with destruction, comes life, and new growth."
Aurora said. Then everyone looked at the queen.

"The last would be white. White means; light, reassurance, comfort, purity and life. White is a color that can hold elegance. It makes one feel pure. Wind is pure and can bring a storm or the burning light from the sun. Wind can also be a unstoppable force to be reckoned with." When the queen was done explaining she looked over at Shane. He looked at her and nodded before turning to me and explaining.

"With every light, comes the dark. Black. Which means; hatred, loneliness, hostility, evilness, controlling, and soullessness. Black is the night that comes after the day is over. It signals a stop to everything. Black is controlled by the evil and even the good. Black shows a void of nothingness... soullessness. But black can be good. Because even in the darkest of things, light shows through. With the bad comes good. Some might even say that darkness is soothing in a way. The darkest nights can hold the light of the moon and its stars." Shane then looked over to Dean.

"That was deep...anywho! Mine would be turquoise. Which means; faithfulness, compassion,  protectiveness and coolness.
You are protective of those who matter most in your life. Whether it be friends, your family or both. You find yourself being compassionate and faithful to your mate and finding peace in yourself and others. Turquoise is a more so layed back color which is where the 'coolness' part comes in. You don't have to worry about every single thing that can go wrong because you already have it under control. It brings you happiness."
Dean said in a calm voice. His color matches his personality.

"Yellow would be the last. It means; causioness, enlightenment, cheerfulness, clarity and warmth. Yellow brings one happiness and joy. But can be a sign of cautiousness. It brings the life and light out in everyone around it. It can also describe one as easygoing." Kai  explained.

My eyes widened when I realized something. "I get it. You all described the color of you wings...which means that you all are the elementals. And the elements are connected because you can't have one without the other." I said. They all nodded there heads to confirm that my hypothisist was correct.

"Now there is one last color that brings all the elements together, one that controls all the elements alike. And that color would be silver.

Your color, your wings mean; balance, control, neutral, mature, domanint, clarity, protectiveness, purity, passion, peace, growth, healing, and health. You are domanint, and you are the balance between good or evil. You can bring peace, but also destruction. You can bring out the light in the darkness or, the darkness in the light. You are the meaning to all of our colors. You are the balance between the elements. There wouldn't be other elements without your element." the queen said.

I sat there staring at the angel's in front of me in shock.
" mean that without my color...yours wouldn't mean anything?" I asked while making eye contact with all of them. They nodded their heads as a 'yes' to my question.

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