Secret Santa | Part 2 [Various]

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-------Secret Santa | Part 2 [Various]-------

"Nurufufufu this is...." Koro~sensei instantly bursts into tears, "youth..."

Koro~sensei was the last to open his mysterious gift, ripping it, literally the gift popped out onto the ground. There was a second of silence, Karma tried to not giggle as you looked at Koro~sensei's astonished face. He was speechless.

"GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The teacher shrieked, flipping the slime into the air.

The slime flew into the air effortlessly and came back down, faster than expected. It landed on Koro~sensei's face of all the places, his beautiful yellow round face.

The gift was prepared by the whole class a simple DIY. Karma and you were the ones creating ideas and Okuda was the one to create the slime. Terasaka was busy testing whether the slime was harmful, for once he was doing something productive. Kayno was just busy flirting with Nagisa. Nagisa helped design the card.

"We'll miss you Koro~sensei."

"メリークリスマス (Merry Christmas)"

"Thank you for teaching me, you're the best teacher."

"明けましておめでとうございます (Happy new year to you)"

Tears poured from the teacher's face as he looked around the room, smiling faces. "3E what is this gift?" The teacher asked perplexed.

"It's slime? Have you not seen it before?" Karma teased, poking the yellow slime that jiggled in response.

"Why did you give me slime?"

"Doesn't it look like him?" you smirked, "Koro~sensei don't eat it..."

The whole class looked at Karma who seem unfazed by the comment. Whenever there were gifts involved and edible food, it didn't go so well in the end class.

"Thank you 3E, I enjoyed teaching you." The class clapped and it was truly a happy sight.

"Oh my it's snowing!" Kayano gasped, pointing at the window.

(I know not in all countries it snows, in Japan in some areas. In Tokyo, there isn't heavy snow and mostly one to two days at the end of December. It melts very quickly though)

The class crowded around the window, faces pressed against the glass. Their breaths fogging up the window. Standing there in awe as the snowflakes glided slowly. Landing on the ground silently.

"Let's all go outside!" Rushing to grab their coats, the class went outside. The snow was falling slowly; the ground was already covered in snow. It was a magical winter wonderland.

It was your first time seeing snow, truly a magnificent sight. Jumping and falling onto the pile of snow, you laid on your back. Looking up into the sky as more snowflakes fell down from up above. Moving your arms up and down and your legs, you created a snow angel.

Before closing your eyes to appreciate this moment, in the corner of your eye you saw the octopus holding a handkerchief, sobbing loudly as he commented how his students grew, especially you. You stifled a giggle.

'Wham,' as a snowball splattered onto your face. "Uh huh, Karma you better run," you heard Nagisa shout. You stood up, an irk mark displayed on the side of your forehead. Picking up a pile of snow, you molded into a snowball, neatly. The red head watched you, preparing to run if you were going to attack.

Turning away and walking back slowly, Karma thought you weren't going to attack but boy was he wrong. You turned around quickly, aiming the ball of snow at the male. Straight at his face.

Karma, covered with snow fell backwards from the impact. Nagisa, Kayano and you ran towards him jumping on top of him. "I'm sorry I have to do this." Terasaka bows, using his stun gun he shocks Karma. The boy went unconscious.

"He should be out for a few minutes." You grinned, devil horns appear on your head, "Let's bury him in the snow, upside down even better."


Karma woke up to the sound of the class laughing and having fun. Trying to move, he realized he was stuck. "Karma is it fun being in a snowman?" Karma's body was inside the snowman with his head sticking out. There was a black top hat on him.

If Asano saw him, he would be laughing.

"Get me out of here!"

"No way!"

"Wait have you given the gift to him yet?"

"Oh no..."



Asano sat in his house, sipping his hot chocolate. Careful not to spill his drink all over his new Christmas sweater.

The door bell rung, the postman handed him a gift, signing it he took the present. Closing the door he unboxed the gift, "WHAT THE FUC-"

"Language!" His father yelled.


It was going to be a long day for Asano, his present....


What do you think Asano's gift it?

I hope this fanfic made sense, I kinda zoned out halfway writing this qwq.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! To those who can't/don't/don't give a damn, it's Karma's birthday! And so I have two more oneshots, but I'm a lazy ass so what can you do about this?

- Kuurochii

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