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Adrian's warm hands cupped her hips turned her around.

Eva was floored. His grip on her was tight, evoking fear. They had only brushed skin a couple of times before. His touch used to be tender and careful, completely different from what it was now- demanding.

She didn't like this. She felt captive and confined.

She grabbed his wrists and tried to pull him off her. Adrian's hold only tightened.

"What are you doing? Let go," she commanded.

"No," Adrian replied adamantly.

"N-no? What is that supposed to mean?" she tugged at his wrists again, causing her shirt to rise. Adrian's fingers touched the warm flesh that was underneath and sparks flowed.

"You said what you wanted to say. Now, you're going to listen to me," he nearly growled. Eva noticed with confusion that his voice had deepened.

"Listen to you for what? So that you can shove more lies in my face? No. I'm going home and you're going to leave us alone. End of stor-" her speech was cut short when Adrian lifted her off the ground and started to walk deeper into his office.

She yelped in surprise as soon as her feet became detached from the floor. She grabbed onto the first thing her hands reached, seeking stabilization.

Adrian stifled a groan when she gripped his shoulders. Her nails dug into his skin, not that he minded.

He roughly pushed her down on his desk, causing Eva's bottom to sting in pain. Her heart throbbed furiously in her chest when she felt a tightening in her lower stomach. She couldn't believe that her body was getting aroused in this situation, completely betraying the anger that clouded her mind.

As soon as Adrian smelled the faint smell of excitement, his body reacted. He made no move to hide the growing bulge in his pants, unashamed. He intensely stared at his mate. She bit her lip, feeling both embarrassment and frustrated.

Eva tried to shut her legs, hoping to both soothe the ache and to put some distance between them. He was too close.

Adrian's hands shifted from her hips to her legs to keep her in place.

Once his large palms gripped her thighs, she bit her tongue nervously. She wasn't sure if Adrian had faulty lights but his eye color seemed to darken, shifting to a deeper shade of green.

"I know I'm in a compromising position and I understand your anger. I wish I could clarify everything but I can't because it would only further complicate things. While I have been hiding things from you, I truly have no interest in hurting you or your family," Adrian explained and carefully examined her reaction.

Eva shook her head.

Adrian Miller was nothing but a liar. She wouldn't let him make a fool out of her a second time.

She had to go.

"Just let me go," she whispered, resting her hands on his.

Adrian didn't respond. He was conflicted.

His silence further unnerved her. She tried to push herself off the desk but her efforts were useless with Adrian's hands pinning her down. She grabbed his wrists again and tried to pull his hands off her. She began to shift around when he didn't move. Her knee brushed his hardened crotch, causing him to groan.

"Stop!" he growled.

Eva froze with fear.

His jaw clenched. He hated himself for losing control and scaring her.

"I know you need space. I'm willing to give it to you, but don't you ever even consider the possibility that I'll walk out of your life. That isn't an option, so you can forget about it." He then took a step back and finally released her.

"Go," he ordered.

Eva didn't need to be told twice. She slipped off the desk and took off, leaving the alpha behind in a sea of silence.

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