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Hi yes, this is another fanfic, but I am trying my best not to make too cliché, and I also trying to make the characters much more realistic...so please enjoy!

I swore to myself, annoyed. I knew I was going to regret the decision I had made last night in the morning and I thought about that, as I ran across campus as quick as possible. My lecture was due to start in two minutes and it took me five minutes usually on a good day to reach the lecture hall.

At what point did I think finishing a whole drama in one night was a bloody good idea?! I could see it already; me entering the lecture hall late as all 150 students swivelled their heads to look at the late comer who made a bad decision the night before. They would then turn to my professor who would sneer in her stupid nasally voice: "If you can't be on time to my lecture, you will be too late when it comes saving lives. So I am sorry you will have to leave as it seems you are not ready enough for today"

As I thought of the upcoming humiliation of being sent away and later begging for notes,I become more desperate and my legs went to overdrive.

Unfortunately that day was due to be a shit day. My body jolted backwards and I heard the all too familiar sound of fabric ripping.  Usually anyone else would have panicked, but me? I sighed defeated, these things happened to me with such frequency that I almost expected it. I sighed again when I felt myself bring dragged backwards. Further and further away from my goal, the rectangular red door mocking me.

Then I saw the door were slowly about to creak closed, ready for the lecture to start. If that door closed it meant that I wouldn't be allowed in and I simply could not let that happen to me.

"Hey! Oi! Hey!", I yelled as I was being dragged along. My jumper had got caught in someone's bag strap and they were carrying on their way, as if they weren't actually toting along extra weight.

"HELLO!" I yelled louder, eying the door of my lecture hall. The student finally turned round to see me dragged along to floor like some sort of rag doll. His eyes widened horrified at the mess that was me. I knew I looked gross this morning but he didn't have to look at me like that.
"I-I am sorry" he tried earnestly trying to apologise.

"Are you fucking retarded?", I snapped. "Did you not notice me being dragged a long?! A whole women?!"
He opened his  mouth to speak again but I shot him a dark look and turned on my heels. I was glad my face didn't give me away, as my dark skin made it impossible to see just how embarrassed I was. That was the many perks of being black. I made for the lecture hall just in time. I wanted to collapse with relief, I had avoided humiliation for today, my heart was still beating hard in my chest.

Yes I was sweaty. Yes I had a new hole in my jumper, but I was victorious. I flopped down next to my friend, who had already raised a questioning eyebrow

"You look like you just wrestled a pig...I take it you didn't listen to me  last night then?"

I squirmed sheepishly in my seat

"Well it's good thing she cancelled today."
My friend continued.


"You would have had to do the walk of shame back out", she got up grinning.

All that for nothing. I could have slept in. I asked if she had left us anything we could do during the time being. My friend just shrugged unhelpfully

"She didn't leave anything as such here, let's go to the cafeteria to check out our mail, and you can tell me why you were so late today"

As we walked, I explained to her what happened, she didn't see why I was upset. She couldn't stop laughing and then proceeded to ask if the guy was good looking.

"What's wrong with you?", I asked pissed off. She just grinned at me. I just wanted to go home and sleep and a headache was looming. My friend checked her email to see if the professor left something for us to do.

"Yeah- she left a PowerPoint...make notes I guess."

I got up telling her thanks, I would take notes later but for now I had to go sleep. My vision was starting to blur a bit and the headache was becoming stronger. This happened often with me, I knew it was from the lack of food and sleep, so the quicker I got home the better, maybe I would snack on something quickly before napping. I was deep in my thoughts and my earphones were in to ease my restlessness and I was nearly home

"Excuse me?", came voice as a I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around ready to fight, but as I turned I became dizzier. I looked up to see his  face looking down at me , slightly concerned.

"YOU!" I spat
He took a small step back as if had burned him. 
"Please hear me out I promise I'll make it worth while", he said quickly before I could speak
"What so you can tow me along with you again?" I snapped childishly.

If you asked me today, I still wouldn't have been able to tell you what my problem was.

"You have quite a mouth on you don't you?", he said under his breath slowly loosing his patience

I said nothing looking at him expectantly.

"I am really sorry about what happened", he said finally noticing a gaping hole in my jumper "I just wasn't all there...is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

I tilted my head at the guy, I had never seen him around, but that was no surprise who knew how many people were on the campus. What I didn't understand was why he was so insistent, I mean he was literally begging for my forgiveness. I wondered if he was maybe one of those extremely pitiful guys who had nothing better to do with themselves. He didn't look like it though....when I didn't answer he piped up again

"How about I buy you a meal or something...I would buy you lunch but you look like you are going somewhere and I have lecture now...so how about I buy you dinner instead?", he asked

Who buys someone apology dinner? I thought to myself
"Fine." I said without thinking. I quickly clapped a hand over my mouth but it was too late the words were already out in the open. My Cheeks started burning up...now I looked cheap or easy. I didn't even eat out with my friends yet alone a random stranger.

"I imagined that to be more difficult.", he muttered in relief "I'll meet you here at 4 and I'll buy you your meal"

He waved and smiled weakly at me before disappearing into the crowd. Well I guess I would have to actually eat tonight and I was running out of food recently so maybe someone up there was looking out for me. I glanced upwards briefly before shaking my head. I needed to to get home.

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