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"How can this be so toxic, but feel so right?"


In which two Exo members find themselves participating in things they shouldn't.


When the younger sister of Xiumin from Exo goes to live with him in Korea for a while with her friend, things take a unexpected twist as the two friends find themselves in a bit of a problem.


Hey guys! New book here! And it's technically my first fan fiction! I hope you guys enjoy it and please no copying of things like that. Thanks!

Also, jasmineGB the first chapter should be up soon so be on the lookout for that ;).

Okay so the main characters are Xiumin and Chanyeol, then Jazz and I. My character is the younger sister of Xiumin and Jazz is my friend who's bias happens to be Xiumin in Exo. I'll explain more in the story.

I hope you guys will enjoy this Xiumin and Chanyeol fanfic! Bye!

Stay Awesome!

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