Chapter 40

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I stood outside by back to the compound and in front of me lay my warriors. My pack, and my family. I watched as the unites divided and as one went to there positions. Looking to my side I see Azreal his face dark full of determination. And in this moment I could see why people feared him. My mate and equal was a work of the goddess herself. His entire being seemed to be chiseled from stone, his jaw sharp, eyes cunning and bright, his body mussel clad tight. He could be seen as a monster all dark and deadly, a supernatural weapon. But all I can see of him now is the softer undertone of his eyes, his large arms that could easily break someone, but yet are so kind and soft to me. His body covered in scars had held mine with such care and softness. 

Moving to his side I pressed myself into his side and wrapped my arms around his waste. His arm automatically wrapped around my shoulders. Azreal looked down at me his eyes soft. I lean up and kiss his shoulder pulling myself into his shoulder resting my head on it. He pulled me to him and kissed my head. 

"My love we have to be going." he siad through our bond. 

"I want you to stay close to me."

I looked up at him and growled at his statement. "I don't need you to protect me. I can take care of myself." I said letting go of him and crossing my arms across my chest. 

"Evelyn my princess I know you don't need me to protect you but I need you to protect me my love." he said with a smirk as he reached out to me. 

"Damn right." I said as I lean up and kiss him. "Come it's time to kick some ass." I said and started off after the units. 

After a few paces I shifted into my wolf. Shaking out my fur I took after them. Looking to my side I see Azreal flanking me. His large dark wolf at least twice the size of mine. We caught up quickly to the unit, looking around I recognized some of the warriors within the unite. Taking stride we lead the group to the in coming light pack. 

After a few minuets I felt my hairs start to rise on my back. We started to slow to a walk as we crept out into a field on the edge of our border. We stopped as I looked across the field I could see the light pack, they had just as many warriors as us if not more. Looking over I saw Azreal standing to my side. He looked at me and nodded. And with that we took off charging towards Ian and his awaiting pack. 


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