008; Confronting

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Sadie went straight home after school, she was going to confront her parents. She ram inside and found her mother at the kitchen counter once again taking pills.

"Mom? I need to talk to you and dad." Sadie says frightening her mother, her mom yelpd and drops the pill bottle onto the counter scattering the pills.

"Seriously Sadie! Look what you made me do!" Her mom yells and tries to retrieve each pill.

"Mom, are you doing drugs?" Sadie asks quickly. Her mom turns around and faces her.

"What makes you think that honey?" Her mom says suddenly sounding sweet.

"Every day when I come home your taking those pills, and I know they weren't prescribed to you because you haven't been to the doctor." Sadie folds her arms feeling confident.

"I'm not doing drugs Sadie." Her mom folds her arms also

"Then what are those?" Sadie asks nodding to the scattered pills.

"Their my anxiety medication." Her mother says looking around the room blindly.

"Since when do you have anxiety?" Sadie asks

"Sadie! Why did you come home just to pester me with stupid questions?! Go hang out with your friends or something." Her mom says angrily

"Your denying my question, you need help mom." Sadie says

"I don't need help Sadie." Her mom rolls her eyes

Sadie shakes her head. "My friend has a father who can help you. Here's his number, call him." Sadie hands her mother a card with a number printed on it.

Her mom takes the card. "I don't need help."

"Just call him, please." Sadie mumbles and walks to her room.

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